July 23, 2013

what a week...

this last week was quite a week.  this started out as my move it monday post, but turned into more of a weekly recap.  i'll include my workouts, so i can still link up with ashley's move it monday (even though its tuesday) posts.  
tuesday morning:
i wasn't feeling much like running.  i actually had to do some serious pep-talks just to get myself to the gym.  i realized there was a spin class that was just getting started in the room right across the hall, so i jumped in for the remainder of the class (after apologizing for coming in 5 min late).  i hadn't been to spin in over a year, so it was a nice change for me.  after spin, i hit up body pump again.  this week was launch week, which involved learning a new routine.  it was difficult, and i definitely felt like i was working.
wednesday morning:   
this morning i forced myself onto the treadmill for a 1.5 mile warm up, then headed in for power yoga.  this is my favorite yoga class.  and once again, i was reminded how much i need to include yoga in my training.  power yoga is a 75 min class that focuses on flexibility, strengthening & balance.  i think the instructor hit every one of the muscle groups that was sore from tuesdays spin & body pump sessions.  

p.s. have i mentioned how much i hate the treadmill?! i will be so excited for us to get back to a little cooler temps outside.

thursday's workouts were interrupted by an impromptu visit to the emergency room with my hubby.  he had a small burn on his elbow that had been working its way into a pretty impressive infection.  we were sent into the er from an urgent care clinic for IV antibiotics.  we had a nice 5 hour stay with instructions for him to see an orthopedic surgeon in the morning.  
this was supposed to be a rest day for me anyway as i was scheduled to work friday, saturday, sunday this weekend.  however, after hubby's early morning doctors appointment, we found out he would be having surgery to clean out the infection in his elbow.  the surgery went well, and he was happy to have a splint and sling to wear for the next week.  

saturday and sunday were spent at work for me, and hubby at home resting doing way too much.  

goals for this week include: 
-2 body pump (strength) classes
-4 runs
-mapping out a half-marathon training schedule

whats on your plan for the week?

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  1. Power yoga sounds pretty cool. I've never been much of a yoga fan but really need to give it a try. Hope your hubby is feeling better, thanks for linking up!