November 4, 2013

october running: move it monday

hi all... i figured it was about time for a post for you all.  if, of course, there is anyone out there still reading...
i decided a move it monday post would be a nice little post to ease myself back into posting again. 

well, you all remember that half marathon i ran back in october, right?! well, that has been about the extent of my running workouts for the last month.  i had made the decision to cut back on my running and take some time to really focus on yoga and increasing my flexibility (mostly... my hamstrings and those darn IT bands).  well, then i got sick. again.  so i have taken a few weeks off.
my monthly training log from dailymile, shows 14 miles for the month of october.  not too good considering 13 of those miles was my half marathon.  there was a 5 miler that didn't get put into daily mile, but thats it... 2 runs, a bike ride, and 3 yoga classes.  
and i wonder why my jeans were starting to feel snug.  

so, looking back at my monthly milage, i decided to set a goal of fifty miles run during the month of november.  yes... 5-0.  i know it is a bit lofty since i have only had two 50 mile months this year, and one of those was marathon month. eek.  but apparently, i needed some motivation.

i also signed up for this 15k race in december.  hot chocolate, fondue, and a tech fleece jacket? a coupon code for a travel mug that says 'will run for chocolate'.  uh, yes please.  
(p.s. use code ITZLINZMUG for the chocolate travel mug if you sign up for this race!)

how's november going, you ask?! so far, 3.6 + 3.0 miles.  and i feel like i did when i just started running.  i've been working lots of night shift, making poor food choices, & doing minimal workouts.  these have left me feeling like a beginner again.  i can't wait until my body remembers how it is supposed to behave, and starts feeling like that of a runner again.  

so, there is my move it monday post for you all.  
hoping to link up with ashley from the domestic wannabe.