July 15, 2013

{move it monday}

recent workout goals include fitting in 4 workouts a week, with two strength training sessions (i.e.: bodypump classes).  i'm still undecided on a full or a half marathon this fall, so i am still loosely following my marathon training plan.
{here is my week in iphone workout photos}
we were both off work on monday, and b was home from school that day, so we headed out on the katy trail for a toasty (85 degree) family bike ride.  we started out in defiance and biked to augusta.  we stopped for lunch at the augusta brewery, then headed back towards our cars.
total distance: 14.07 miles
total time: 1 hr 21 min
i headed into the gym for a treadmill run and a body pump class.  there was a decent movie playing in the cardio cinema (which i can't for anything remember what it was), so i busted out a speedy 5 mile run (9:05 pace), then headed in for an hour of body pump.
total distance: 5 miles
total time: 1 hour, 45 minutes
i had planned a 3 mile treadmill run, but i had worked the night before and was lucky to have made it home without falling asleep.  a run wasn't going to help that any.  workout fail.

i wasn't feeling a run after my speedy run a few days back, so i added in a 3 miler of walk/jog intervals.  I ended up completing 3 miles in 33: 13, then headed in for an hour session of body pump.  i increased all my weights in class today (except the bicep round... not quite ready to go up there yet).
thursday night we also took advantage of this cool summer weather and took a 20 minute (one mile) walk throughout the subdivision.

total distance: 4 miles
total time: 1 hour and 53 minutes

this is my favorite run of the week, since i got to run with my wentzville runners club. most of the group set out for 9 miles saturday morning, but we had some plans for the morning, so i stuck with the traditional 6.2 mile loop.  there was beautiful 65 degree temps, and i was pretty bummed i wasn't able to stick around for the full 9 miles.  although, i hear it was pretty hilly!

total distance: 6.04 miles
total time: 55 min, 56 seconds
totals for the week include:
total miles: 29.11
total time: 5 hours, 55 minutes

linking up with ashley, for her move it monday series.
what did you do for a workout last week?

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