January 27, 2014

{meal prep}

after reading The Lean Green Bean's blog for a few weeks, i finally did it. i meal prepped. thank you lindsay for your motivation!  i am convinced that having healthy food ready is going to be a big help in continuing to eat clean.  

i had completed 14 days of the advocare 24 day challenge before our family came down with what could have only been the bubonic plaque… now that we are {gradually} feeling a little better, i want to make sure we get back to putting good food in our bodies. 
that said… i wanted something sweet…. 
i made lindsay's quinoa breakfast bars.  and they were good. really good.  recipe here.

i am eager to get back into my marathon training, as soon as i can stop coughing long enough.  but lets not get ahead of ourselves, right?!  my longest run was two weeks ago, 14 miles.  it coincided with my highest milage week for awhile as well (25 miles).  we had a warm day a week ago where i completed 11 miles.  i somehow had myself off on my training, and was a few weeks ahead of where i needed to be.  i am hoping that will help me make up my lost time this last week.  
this is the best i can do for a move it monday, since there hasn't been much moving this week!

January 25, 2014

{that's what he said}

This kid, cracks me up.  He is staying with grandma for the weekend so hubby and I can try to kick whatever bug we have all passed around. Here's hoping, right. I'm not quite sure what's happening in that pic, but it was accompanied by a text from grandma that said "b found his bed for the night". 

As b is getting older, his "funnies" are less frequent. Here's a few of the latest. 

Me: do you want a chocolate chip or peanut butter granola bar?
B: no thanks, I'm afraid of chocolate. 

Seriously, is this my child? Afraid of chocolate?!

Me: what do horses wear on their feet to protect them?
B: cowboy boots. 

We'll played, sir. We'll played. 

January 22, 2014


brody went bowling for the first time last saturday, for a birthday party for a little friend from school.
there were bumpers and ramps for the littles
he had such a great time, 
once he figured out how it all worked. 

waiting for his turn was especially difficult with so much excitement
there was pizza & cupcakes & black lights.  little boy heaven.    he had such a fun time, and were so happy carson included us in his birthday adventure.  

 anyone interested in joining us for a bowling adventure? might be a fun way to pass the time during these upcoming cold winter weekends!

January 2, 2014

our christmas in {lots of} photos

brody's christmas concert
they did such a great job singing each of the christmas songs.  
he was so proud of his fancy christmas clothes. 

my little reindeer.
not the greatest shot, but 4 generations!
christmas eve
 we started our christmas eve off with a trip to our favorite donut shop.  
then some cookie decorating and gingerbread building with grandma. 
we visited with uncle jeff and carolyn for a while but somehow i didn't take any pictures.   
 we sprinkled food for the reindeers
and left some special treats for santa and rudolph
our christmas eve!
santa came!
christmas morning 

apparently, opening presents is exhausting!
later that day…
the bar has been raised in the tradition of hard to open gifts 
probably the present i have been waiting the longest for!  
my surprise from my hubby.  now i don't have to share!
b and aunt barb
grammy & papa
 daddy and robert
carolyn, uncle jeff & grandpa barry

hope your day was the merriest!

January 1, 2014

two thousand fourteen

as we brought our year to a close, i began thinking about just what I would like out of 2014.   

don’t get me wrong, 2013 was a great year.  we made lots of memories and had lots of great adventures, but i feel like there has been a huge disconnect in my work-life balance.  working full time (12 hours shifts, rotating days & nights) and being a good mommy/wife is hard work.  being a pediatric icu nurse is emotionally draining in itself, then adding in family time, house work, exercise, etc.  
i have failed at remembering to take care of me.  

{image via}

this blog was started to be a way to journal our lives with brody.  however, through our little blog and reading so many other healthy living blogs (and my awesome experience at the healthy living summit) i have been introduced to so many healthy and inspiring women. i am going to take this next year and not set any specific resolutions, but to try and become a healthier, more well rounded woman, wife,  mother (and maybe eimage via}

here’s to you all in 2014

what are you doing differently this year?!