April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny at Mid Rivers Mall
Treats from the Easter Bunny
 I worked all day, so we gave Brody his Easter bucket basket after I got home.  (I promise next year B will have a fancy Easter outfit in place of his pajama's)
 Hmmm... What is in here?!
Basket contents: Sophie #2 (Sophie #1 is missing in action), embroidered burpcloths, Disney's Pinocchio Movie, and a cute little spring outfit.  Not too much, but I think the Easter Bunny knew Brody had been spoiled from his presents from Grandma already!
Brody's hardboiled egg from Grandma.

I'm guessing the egg dye didn't taste very good.  It rubbed off all over his slobbery face!

April 13, 2011

Brody's First Haircut

We took Brody to The Hairy Elephant for his first haircut. 

“At The Hairy Elephant children are put at ease from the moment they walk in the door.  Their appointment starts with a visit to Harry, the
 shampooing elephant. For their salon chair, they can select from a Jeep, sports car, airplane or traditional chair.  Each station is equipped with movie DVDs and video games to help pass the time. They can even keep their same
 stylist, visit after visit.”

So of course, Brody had to sit in the Jeep.  He knew just what to do, putting his hands on right on the steering wheel!
He let the stylist, Carrie, put the cape on and get right to work.

He even let her use the clippers.  Of course he was really interested in what was making that funny sound behind his head!
As you would expect, we took a ton of pictures of our baby with his big boy haircut.

Brody even got a certificate saying how good he was, with his little curls attached. 
Couldn't get a better picture of it...
And Momma didn’t even cry, even though I came pretty close with the first snip!!

April 11, 2011

6 months old

Brody is now HALF a year old.  I’m finding myself to be very sentimental over a “half birthday”.   He is no longer a cuddly, squishy baby and has morphed into this hilarious little boy.

First of all, why didn’t anyone tell me how hard it was going to be to keep this kid still long enough to get any worthwhile pictures? 

Over the last two weeks or so, I have seen such a change in Brody.  He went from sitting with support to sitting unsupported (but still falling over if he tries to look around too much), standing with support, rolling, eating cereal, and we are working on sleeping with out being swaddled.  Oh, and last week he said ma-ma!  Well, I guess it was more of a mamamamama… but it wasn’t da-da.  So I win!  His favorite toy right now is his jumper, and he loves to bounce so much.  Those little legs go a mile a minute, even when he’s not in there!  

He is sitting up in the high chair to eat cereal each day, and while we still have to brace him a little bit, he is enjoying sitting at the table with us.  He has had a few rides in the cart at Target, and even sat in a high chair at a restaurant so Momma and Daddy could go out to breakfast.  We started swim lessons and he even had a big boy haircut (post to come on that, I promise!)

He is wearing size 12 month onesies, 6 month pajamas, and size 0-3 and 3-6 month pants.  He continues to be a long, skinny baby.  At his 6 month check up he weighed 13 lbs, 14.5 ounces, which is now in the 3rd percentile (down from 10th %).  He was 25 ¾ inches long and has a 17 inch head circumference.  Dr. Agolia is happy that his weight is trending upwards even if he isn’t back on track yet.  He agrees with Dr. Nasir to continue nursing frequently and add in rice cereal and progress onto vegetables and fruit.  We also changed from the Prevacid suspension to using 1/2 a dissolvable tablet twice a day.  We go back in one month for another weight check.  I’m hoping that we see continued improvement.    

I think that is enough for one post, don’t ya think?!

April 7, 2011


We got the go-ahead from the GI doctor to start feeding Brody solid foods.  We started with Gerber Organic Brown Rice Cereal, mixed with breastmilk and Polycose powder.  Polycose is a carbohydrate/sugar polymer that is intended to add calories to everyday foods.  This was prescribed by Dr. Nasir, to add to his meals twice a day. We are hoping this will help fatten up our "skinny minnie".
We have been putting him in the highchair while we eat dinner and he watches every bite of food we put into our mouth!  He was definitely ready for his own food.  
First taste...
He wasn't sure what to think
 Let me have another taste momma!
 Mmmmm.  Yummy!

The plan is to start with cereal once a day for a week, twice a day for a week, three times a day for a week and then introduce vegetables and fruits.  We held off on baby food for the last few months because babies with eczema tend to have a higher incidence of food allergies.  I didn't see any evidence of intolerance to the cereal, so I think we are in the clear so far!

April 6, 2011

swimming lessons

Today was Brody's first swim lesson.
We signed him up for the Shrimp Swim Class (6-18 month olds) at the Renaud Spirit Center in O'Fallon.  It meets twice a week for 4 weeks. Here are some pics of their indoor pool complex.

Our instructors name is Taylor, She was really nice.  There is only one other person in the class with us. His name is Scout, and he is 11 months old.
 They worked on getting comfortable in the water...

and "jumping" in... 
We are already looking forward to next weeks class!

April 1, 2011


 Brody is getting stronger every day, he never ceases to amaze me.  Cody brought home a jumper a few weeks ago and it has done wonders for B's leg strength.  He still topples over easily when he turns to look at you, but is making really good progress.  He is on the fast track to being a big boy!