July 16, 2013

{the fourth}... finally

i just realized today i had never actually published the draft post i had been working on from july 4th.
so, here it is. just a little delayed... 
our fourth was laid back, but full of fun, family and food...
i started out the morning with a speedy 10K at the o'fallon firecracker 10K run, where i set my very own personal record.  afterwards, i met the family at the wentzville donut cafe for breakfast.  apparently, we were too hungry to have stopped and taken any pictures.  they were pretty busy, as they sat right on the parade route. 
prior to meeting for donuts, we set up a spot on the parade route. we walked down and got settled into our spot after breakfast. here is the fam... looking less than thrilled that i am bombarding them with photos.
brody really enjoyed the parade this year, and we all really enjoyed the mild weather.  at last year's parade it was nearing 100+ degrees.  after an appropriate amount of candy eating, bead grabbing, whining and snack eating, we headed back to the house to get ready for a family bbq/birthday party.  
the bbq included lots of food (again, no pictures), brody and daddy lighting fireworks, an a million snakes and snap pops with grandma.  

after it got dark, we sat in the driveway, played with some sparklers and watched the neighbors firework display.  they always do a great job, but this years may be the  

hope you all had a great fourth!

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