March 31, 2013

easter 2013

happy easter everyone!  
we had a great day celebrating & hope you all did too.
get ready for a photo heavy post.  don't say i didn't warn you!
this is a creepy bunny, but we have seen him every year since b was little.  there were no tears this year.  he ran right up and gave him a hug. 
yesterday, (while i was at work) b dyed eggs with his grandma.  she said they had such a good time.
last night before bed, we set out a snack for the easter bunny, b's basket and eggs for the bunny to hide, plus a picture brody colored for the bunny.  
he was so excited this morning to see what the easter bunny left him.  

we hunted eggs.  b had to open each egg and sort its contents into piles before we could move on to the next egg.  (i wonder who he gets that from, lol).  we had 70 eggs.  next year, bunny gets less eggs. 

we had a great family lunch.  everyone ate too much.
b was very spoiled.  he got baskets from grandma, grandpa, grammy & papa and a toy golf set from aunt barb, uncle pat and cousin robert. 

we all went out to the garage to see the easter surprise daddy bought for b.  
needless to say... he loved it.

 of course, its a jeep bike.
we had a little outdoor photo session and another egg hunt in the front yard.  

 i wish i wasn't squinting in every photo we took :(
b and his grandma
b and grandpa barry
 such a ham...

 he insists on wearing his sunglasses outside.  all.the.time
 we recreated a picture my dad took of me on his vette when i was a baby.  i am going on a mission to find it.  
happy easter everyone!

March 27, 2013

spring snowpocylpse 2013

photos taken March 24, 2013
st. louis decided to welcome in spring with a blizzard.  
now, i'm game for a big snow storm (in winter)... but the first week of spring?! come on mother nature...our little family is ready for some sun, warm weather, outside play time, and prime running weather.  
the positive aspect of snowpocylpse 2013 is that brody got to wear his boots and snow suit one more time and build another snowman.  he was so sad when the last one melted away.  

 we measured 13 inches on our deck in the back yard.
 this is a record for st louis, the most inches in one single storm.  and this is the most snow we have seen since 2010.  that winter we had a lot of snow, but over the course of several days, not at one time!
apparently snow tastes good.  
   some of the snow drifts were up to b's waist!
 of course, our forecast has us in the sixties for easter weekend.  bye bye snow.  you were fun while you lasted.  bring on spring!

March 26, 2013

move it monday... on a tuesday.

i know this blog is usually about brody... but sometimes, i want to write about me?! 
you all okay with that?
here's a brody pic,
so you all won't be deprived of all this cuteness
So, i have spent the last 8 weeks working an extra 12 hour shift a week, flipping back and forth between day shift and night shift.  I wasn't sleeping enough {at all}, i have been sick all most of the winter and had pretty much given up on consuming anything remotely healthy.  vegetables?! haven't seen any of those in a while.  cupcake? sure, why not? something had to give... so of course, working out/running slipped off my plate.  
sick again... 
now that things are starting to resemble normal {for us}... it is time to get back on track.  more exercise, less junk, healthy{er} food choices, and less processed/chemical stuff in our home/life.  

ashley, from the domestic wannabe hosts a move it monday blog link up each week. 
 She just had a baby and is revisiting her fitness/eating goals.  yesterday, she made a point about wanting to make better food choices for her daughter.  this hit home with me too.  brody has never really been a good eater.  but, along with his new two year old independence, has come not wanting to eat good foods either.  he does eat fruits and yogurt, but would much prefer fruit snacks, gold fish crackers and capri sun.  we i have just been too tired/busy to meal plan, grocery shop or cook.  b's meals were becoming a rotation of chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and hot dogs.  not exactly the broad, healthy food choices i want him to consider.  
something has to change.  for me, for brody, for our health and our future.

so this week i decided...  no more excuses.  i got on the treadmill this morning and busted out a 6 mile run.  it felt good, but it sucked too.    
i am going to track my food intake (using  i am going to get back to exercising 4 days a week. i am going to take advantage of the e-meals menu planning subscription that i paid for and am not using.

so... that's the plan. more good stuff in. more sleep. more calories burned. less chemicals. less excuses.  

what are you doing to get back on track?

March 24, 2013

the greatest show on earth

today, we braved snowpocalypse 2013,  and took b to the circus. 
i went to the moolah shriners circus every year as a child, and i wanted to carry that tradition on with brody.  
b and the ringleader.
 b loved the clowns.  takes after his momma i guess.  
we rode an elephant. i thought he would love it...he was a little afraid!
 and rode a miniature horse, named 'cody'.  pure coincidence, that one was....
 the moolah clowns.

 our friend karen made b's circus shirt.  he was so excited to wear his 'dumbo shirt'.  
 b thought he might get a part in the circus with his balancing act!
 {momma and brody}
the elephants were b's favorite part.  (his favorite... its a new phrase.  everything is his favorite.) 
 daddy's favorite part was the bear riding a bicycle.  pretty impressive. 
i thought the tightroping tiger was the best.   
 i'm so glad we braved the snow for the show today!