April 21, 2014

{Marathon Monday}

marathon monday means something different to most of the world this year.  
today is the 118th running of the Boston Marathon, but one that has so much more meaning than ever before.  Qualifying for Boston is like the holy grail for marathon runners (at least for me!)  it is  something that i will most likely never do.  however, the strength of the running community and their support of the Boston Marathon after last years tragedy has been amazing.
i have a few blog friends living in the boston area, and it has been super neat to see their pictures of the downtown area and the finish line!  Check out Caroline's blog or her articles on Bostinno or Becky's blog for more marathon info this week.  {and they are both great reads too!}
the strength of the running community and their support of the Boston Marathon after last years tragedy has been amazing.  the running community has never been stronger.  all of these photos leave me so full of emotion.  
{all boston marathon photos via the Boston Marathon Facebook page}
marathon monday is also bringing about my very own set of emotions.  
i am 6 days out from my race day.  i know i am ready, i've done my training... but i still can't harness the butterflies that i have been feeling on and off this week! 
photo via
photo via
i can't wait to run get to nashville, and hopefully have the chance to run along that beautiful skyline.  the weather forecast has drastically improved {from a 70% chance of rain, to sunny and mid-70s}.  so, other than the nervous butterfly's and the mile long list of things i have to do this week... 
i am ready!  
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bring it Nashville!

April 16, 2014


it's been pretty quiet over here.  
here are some photos of whats been going on in our little neck of the woods!
i am 10 days away from my marathon.  i am getting excited but a little nervous as well.  there has been lots of runs over the last several weeks.  i have stuck to my training plan pretty well, so here's hoping it goes well!

we have been taking advantage of the warmer weather, trying to spend lots of time outside!

we took a camping trip to the lake.  and enjoyed some sunny {but super windy} days on the lake.  went on lots of bike rides, and just enjoyed some family time together, away from home.  

we also finally got around to painting our master bedroom.  this has been in the plans for months.  i am so glad to have it finished.  it is nice to have a fresh blank slate, and i'm looking forward to doing some decorating! I've been working on a bedroom makeover board pinterest... we'll see what ideas i end up using.  decorating is not something i am very good at!
what have you been up to lately?!

April 2, 2014

{wordless wednesday} Bigfoot

no, not that bigfoot... this one!
today was national autism awareness day.  and seeing as how we are the proud owners of the home of bigfoot, we combined the two in what could only be known as heaven on earth for little boys.  
a monster truck smash + a fundraiser for autism speaks.  
grandma joined us, which then made it the ultimate trifecta for b. 
we were afraid the event was going to be rained out, but mother nature held out long enough for us the event and let us stay nice and dry.   underneath our layers we all were wearing blue in support of autism awareness. 

we were able to do a little bit of exploring around bigfoot headquarters and snapped a few photos.

then, on to the main event.  car smashing!

{and after}
there were photo opportunities with monster truck drivers,
splashing in puddles...

glow necklaces and fritos. 

sounds like the ultimate day for a 3 year old boy, huh?!