July 7, 2013

33 before 33

After celebrating my birthday last week, I thought I would put together a list of things I would like to accomplish in the next year. Without further ado...
1. Learn to use my sewing machine, and actually use it. 
2. Learn/utilize a photo editing program 
3. Catch up on Brody's photo books
4. Run another marathon (#4) in a fun city
5. Strength train consistently for a year (at least 2x wk)
6. Run a half marathon with a 1:xx as my finish time
7. Attend a blog conference 
8. Loose those last 10lbs (they can't be considered baby weight anymore)
9. Complete 12 Pinterest craft projects (goal: 1 per month)
10. Read one (new) book per month 
11. Monthly date night
12. Meet 2 new people/make 2 new friends in my car for something more economical 
14. Travel to 3 new places
15.revamp blog.  Blog more consistently
16. Start going to church again
17. Meal plan/grocery shop weekly (or biweekly)
18. Run 1000 miles in a year
19. Make a patchwork quilt 
20.get more sleep/go to bed earlier
21. Watch the complete series of friends
22. Go on a girls weekend (yoga retreat w/Susan?!)
23. Make time to see my family 
(goal: dinner once a month)
24. Start a compost pile for the garden
25. bring only natural products into our home when possible. 
26.attend a hot yoga class
27. Monthly momma & Brody outing
28. Get a(nother) tattoo
29.develop a weekly cleaning schedule and stick with it. 
30. Rock a bikini and feel comfortable about it. 
31. Buy a Tiffany's necklace
32.revamp wardrobe with clothes I love. 

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