June 24, 2012

#photoadayjune: week 3+

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here is some more of the #junephotoaday challenge.  i think this catches us up so far.  only one more week left in june.  crazy. 
Day 15: yellow- {out on the river on Memorial Day} 
Day 16: Out and About {girls night out: dinner at olive garden with wendee!} 
Day 17: in your bag
Day 18: Something you may not know about me
Day 19: Imperfect {that extra one cent drives my OCD crazy!}
Day 20: fave photo you've ever taken {not fave ever, but one of the current top picks}
Day 21: Where I slept {is it time to redecorate yet?}
Day 22: view from a high angle
Day 23: Movement {go baby, go!}
only one more week left for the month of june.  i think i like this #photoaday challenge.  it inspires me to get a more interesting view when catching photos.  who knows, maybe i'll learn something!

June 23, 2012

twenty months

twenty months.  this is a trying time for both toddlers and their mommas.  b is learning something new every day, saying new words, doing new things and is a big ball of laughter and energy... but with that comes frustration, a need for independence, refusing to eat {almost everything} and tantrums.  
oh, the tantrums.

some of b's favorite things right now are all things trucks {as evidenced by the monster truck he has a death grip on in every photo}.  construction trucks, semi-trucks, pickup trucks, trash trucks, tractors, and choo-choos.  he points out every.single.truck we see if we are out driving.  he is becoming very attached to his blanket, which he calls "B", and still has to have his stuffed elephant, "elle" that he chews on, at bedtime {yuck!}.  he likes to play with bubbles, draw with chalk and play on the playground at the park and to play with the ipad.  He still loves elmo, and also loves watching 'thomas the train' and 'chuck the truck' on netflix.   
diaper changes are still a fight, but b is starting to tell us when he needs his diaper changed.  we bought him a little elmo potty that he sits on a few times a day, but we haven't had any successes yet.  
b is wearing size 5 shoes, and his clothes are ranging from 12-18 month shorts, 18-24 month shirts and 24 month pajamas.  we are still squeezing the life out of a few 18 month size pj's that we just aren't ready to part with yet!
b is really enjoying school, and is going 4 days a week.  typical school hours for b are 7:30am-6pm with a few early 6am days thrown in to keep everyone on their toes.  our little man is still a good sleeper, and puts himself right to sleep after being put into his crib.  bedtime is about 8pm and he sleeps until 7 on school days and sometimes up until 8:30-9am on weekends!  i am so thankful b has always been a good sleeper.  
that's all for now.  be back again soon!

June 20, 2012

#photoadayjune: Week 2

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Here is week 2 of my June Photo a Day Challenge.  
Day 8: 6 o'clock
Day 9: My view today (My Backyard)
Day 10: Best Bit of My Weekend
Day 11: Door
Day 12: From a Low Angle
Day 13: Art
Day 14: Time
I'll be back later this week with week 3!

June 7, 2012

#photoadayjune: week 1

first things first....are you on instagram?  i am finding this photo sharing app is a great motivator for my project365, which i have actually stuck with for 6 whole months!  follow me @tara_lin, & you will see a whole six months worth of adorable brody pics.  

for my brother is your disclaimer.  Do NOT follow me on instagram or you will immediately want to vomit from cute baby overload :)

for the month of june, i decided to jump on the #photoaday bandwagon.  i thought it would be an interesting way to challenge my photo taking of something other than brody, in case there is someone who wants to see something else...cough...jeff...cough, cough!!
here is the june challenge list:
Week 1
(okay, there will still be some brody.  can you blame me? he is pretty cute.)
day 1: morning
day 2: empty 
day 3: on your plate
day 4: close-up
day 5: sign - this is sign language for please
day 6: hat
day 7: drink

June 3, 2012

{belated} holiday weekend

i think i am perpetually behind in blog posts. 
i start class again this week, so it isn’t going to get any better!
here is a snippit of our holiday weekend, in photos.  

i started off the long weekend with our employee appreciation night at the ballpark.  Beer, friends and baseball.  not a bad start to our weekend.


brody and i headed out for breakfast with wendee (photo taking fail), then we headed to the pet store for some frog watching and kitten petting.  also, sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers.

we started off with a car ride at the grocery store, then headed out to the river for the day with some friends.  b had such a good time splashing in the water and scooping up sand. we ended our day with ice cream.  pretty perfect weekend if i do say so myself!

 hope you all had a happy memorial day weekend!
hopefully, another post of this weekends adventures will follow.