August 31, 2012

the rest (and #photoadayaug)

Here are the rest of the August photo's. be honest, is anybody enjoying these? i like taking them, and have been posting to instagram, but if no one likes them I won't blog. Let me know.

also, what else do you want to see/read? There can only be so much about brody... anyone want to read about my marathon training? my advocare clean eating challenge? my attempt to better my photography hobby? anything? I would like to grow my blog to more than just the few family/friends who read it. (not that we aren't thankful for those that do!!!)

August 27, 2012

A big boy

B has been asking to sit on the potty for the last few weeks. We have an 'elmo goes potty' book, and a little elmo potty chair. last night we had success! he was so proud of himself and was really excited to help "dump" it into the big potty.
i know I am supposed to be excited for him, but this means my baby is growing up. tear.

August 25, 2012

#photoadayaug weeks 2 & 3

here are the next two weeks of the august photo a day challenge. i'm still hanging in there with them, even though my blogging frequency hasn't been very good.
here are the next few weeks of photos. again, the blogger app on my phone doesn't keep the pics in order, so you'll just have to deal, ok?

August 7, 2012

our weekend by iphone

we had an fun filled weekend while daddy was out four-wheeling.  
 we had visitors. a sleepover with grandma, grammy and papa. 
we started with a family donut breakfast, and b drinking milk from a big boy cup...
there was lunch with a good friend and martini's and gooey butter cake...
there was baking (and licking the spoon)...
and bike riding with papa...
and a long run
finishing off with a much needed momma pedicure.

hope your weekend was great!


since my mom liked this photo challenge so much, i decided to stick with it for another month or so.  
here is my first week.

here is the photo list (a little bigger) so you can actually read it!
you can follow along with me on instagram.  i'm tara_lin,  join me!  if you don't have instagram... post to facebook!