June 6, 2014

{healthy living summit}

last fall, i attended my first ever Healthy Living Summit.  I first learned about this conference several years ago after reading about it on Meghann's blog, Meals and Miles.  She was one of the founding members of the healthy living summit, and from the first time i read about it, i knew that i wanted to attend someday. The 2013 hls was held in Minneapolis, where i had a friend living.  i knew this was my time.  i signed up as soon as registration opened!  then, last summer Heather, from HealthyLivingBlogs & ThenHeatherSaid asked if i would be willing to participate in a round table discussion.  I joined up with Kelly from Living the Before, and we hosted a laid back discussion entitled "making your health a priority".
~our roundtable group~
you can read my full recap here, here and here!

Part of the thrill of attending the healthy living summit, was the fact that everyone there had the same interests as me!  it was crazy to meet people that didn't think it was weird to take pictures of my food, or my feet after a run, etc.  i met so many amazing women & have kept in touch with them over the last year!
my honorary roomies: Melanie, Caroline, Katie & Becky

a mini mingle Twins game with Becky and Diana

well, this year... i wasn't sure i was going to be able to attend.  i was super bummed, and spent several weeks trying to figure out a way to attend.  i was super excited to let everyone know that i was actually going to make it! 
shortly after that, i was contacted by Heather and asked if i would like to participate as a speaker along with Elizabeth at On Tap for Today.  of course, i said YES!
Do you want to attend the #hlsummit this year?
Registration is now open.  Click here to sign up.