February 24, 2011

First Trip to the Zoo

Last week we had such nice weather predicted, Wendee, Melissa and I took the boys to the Zoo (Tuesday February 15th).  Turns out we should have gone the next day, as it was still pretty windy and chilly, despite it being 53˚ outside (Wednesday and Thursday it was 70˚, sunny and beautiful).  We all bundled up and spent about 3 hours wandering through the exhibits. 

There weren’t too many animals outside, but we did see some camels, checked out the penguin house, saw a black bear and a few animals inside the children’s Zoo. 

I still can’t wait for it to warm up a bit and spend the whole day.  I have been telling Brody about the Zoo since he was just a few days old.  I want to take him on the train and the carousel, have lunch overlooking the water at the Lakeside cafĂ©, explore the Children’s Zoo, buy a zoo balloon to tie to the stroller, and enjoy the sunshine on our first family trip.  I know… I’m good at creating memories in my head before they actually happen.  They never turn out like I imagine it, but hey a girl can dream right?!

4 month check up

Brody had his 4-month check up on February 11.  He is meeting all his milestones, including rolling over.  He got two more vaccines (HiB and Prevnar), and we will be going back in March to finish up the rest of the 4 month-ers.  He is still a LONG, skinny baby. Here are the stats:  length: 25 inches (55th percentile), head circumference:  16 inches (50th percentile) and weight: 12 lbs, 10 oz, (10th percentile).  Dr. Agolia was concerned that he hadn’t gained enough weight, he said that by 4 months Brody should have been double his birth weight.  I didn't think he was so little until I considered this... double 8 lbs 6 oz is almost 17 pounds, so we aren’t even close. 

We scheduled an Upper GI, to eliminate any structural abnormalities and to see if Brody has reflux (which we know because he spits up EVERYTHING he eats, hence the problems with the weight gain). 

Mercy Chidren’s hospital (where I work) has just opened their new Pediatric Testing and Treatment Center, so that is where we headed for Brody’s test.  

We checked in at the new Pediatric Admitting desk, and waited our turn.  The waiting room had lots of bright colors and fun pictures on the walls.  Brody watched trains on tv and looked around at everything while we waited.  Next, we went into the XRay room, and they gave me a shield to wear so I could stay in the room.  The tech fed him a bottle filled with Barium (yuck) and I took pictures while he ate.

The radiologist was really nice, and told us everything he was doing.  He even let me take pictures of the screen.  You can see all of his ribs.  Pretty cool huh?

nothing like a barium mustache...

Everything looked pretty normal, except that he has mild to moderate reflux (well, duh!), so we have started Zantac liquid 3 times a day.  So far, Brody has been taking it like a champ.  It tastes terrible, so I had the pharmacist flavor it grape.  He opens his mouth for each squirt, and even “helps” me by trying to hold the syringe.  We are scheduled for a weight check with Dr. Agolia on March 4th.

February 17, 2011

4 Months Old

Well, technically 4 months and 1 week now that I am finally getting around to blogging, I did manage to take the  pictures at 4 months.  
They call this age the golden age for babies.  And I can see why.  I see his personality developing every day.  I am finally starting to see a little of daddy in him too.

His hair is a mess these days.  Most of it has fallen out, and what is left stands up every which way.  Every one keeps telling me it looks like a comb over, but I think it is pretty adorable.  
 Brody is so observant of everything going on around him, he is a real busy body!  He is still exclusively breastfed, and I am really happy we have been so successful for 4 whole months. I really enjoy the bonding time that comes from those 6 feedings a day.  Ideally, I would like to make it to 1 year, but we will see how I feel about that once he starts getting teeth!  Ouch!

He is really discovering his voice too.  Smiling and goo-ing at anyone that will listen, and when he gets excited he squeals at the top of his lungs (thanks to daddy, I think!)  Every once in awhile, we get a big belly laugh out of him.  It is too cute!  He has finally figured out that tummy time isn't so bad, and now he doesn't scream the whole time he is on his belly.  He has rolled over a few times, but nothing consistent yet.  He loves to sit upright in his exersaucer, and we have graduated to being strapped into the seat of the stroller, without the carseat attachment.  
So, there you go... more updates to come.  I am a little behind!

February 11, 2011

Coming up next...

Brody had his 4 month check up today. Photos and details to come next week. I have two busy work days ahead of me first. Happy Friday Everyone.

February 3, 2011

Winter Storm 2011

Well, what the news was calling "The biggest storm of the Century", "The one we'd be talking about for years" turned out to be a big fat flop.  We did get some snow, but nothing like I had hoped for.

Thanks to our neighbors Heather & Evan, who shoveled the driveway while Cody was stuck at work, we only had to shovel the snow drifts and the pile the snowplow left.

Brody didn't really like the snow.  He seemed a little bewildered while we were outside, and his hand me down snow suit was a bit too snug as well!