July 9, 2013

{july 3...}

I started off my birthday morning with a quick 5k around my favorite little park.  We have been lucky to have had some beautiful weather this past week (of course it is 95 degrees now) so I felt obligated to get out to the park and away from the dread treadmill.   After my run, I booked it to the gym to squeeze in an hour long strength session.  One of my goals for the next year is to strength train consistently.  Body pump, 2 times a week will help accomplish that.  Plus… I am seeing noticeable results from just a month of classes twice a week.  Score.

After my sweat session, I went on a little shopping trip where I tried on everything, but bought pretty much nothing… enjoyed the sun for a bit, and then started prepping for our 4th of july/birthday bbq on thursday.
Hubby made me a fantastic bday dinner of baked potatoes and filet mignon for dinner, followed up by a fantastic crème brule from Whole Foods.
{thanks again was yummy!} 
After dinner, we headed out to the o’fallon heritage andfreedom fest for some carnival rides and fireworks.  Brody had a great time.  He rode on a few rides, won a stuffed fish (actually it was a joint effort by grandma & daddy), ate cotton candy, kettle corn and lemonade.  

we finished the night off with a great fireworks display.  
Overall, it was a pretty lovely birthday.  Of course, I wasn’t done celebrating yet.  I stretch my celebration over the entire holiday weekend whenever possible.  Do you blame me?!

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