August 4, 2013

mommy and brody date day

back in my 33 before 33 post, i mentioned that i wanted to have a monthly mommy and brody outing.  so, last week i asked brody what he wanted to do for our mommy & brody day.  
his plans were very detailed...
first up. watching netflix on the ipad.
then, a walk ride around the block in his monster truck.
with a stop to watch the neighborhood construction crew
and pick some flowers for mommy.  
we ran a few errands, including a stop at office max
for our actual outing, b requested a 'pizza picnic at the park'.
so a pizza picnic we had.  
the park near our house has a nature classroom, where kids can use items found in nature to play, build and make music.  we spent quite a long time in the outdoor classroom.  
b had so much fun, he wore himself out.  
more updates to come... we have had lots of summertime adventures we need to catch you all up on!

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