October 30, 2011


Last Sunday, Cody and I ran in the Inaugural Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon.
Here we are before the race...
don't know why the quality is so bad.  Sorry!
and after:
The Rock n Roll Series always has a big concert after the race.  This year was Sugar Ray.
and yes... that is the same (free) beer I'm working on in both pictures.   I think by this point Cody had already had three or four! 
And our proof:

The Pumpkin Patch

Eagle Fork Pumpkin Farm

Brody had his first ride on a pony...
 and loved every minute of it!
we played in the straw maze
checked out the animals

getting this kid to look at the camera these days is becoming almost impossible!

And a little comparison from last year's visit...

He was 6 days old at last years trip!

October 26, 2011

flowers for GrandDad

family breakfast

We had a surprise visit from our Louisville/Indiana family a week or so ago.  It was a quick stop in St. Louis, but we were able to squeeze in a quick Cracker Barrel breakfast.  Our lively bunch included our little family of 3, along with Aunt Barb, Uncle Patrick, Cousin Robert and our out of town visitors Great Grandma Junie, Great Aunt Linda & Great Uncle Sol.  
Great Aunt Linda & Uncle Sol
chatting over breakfast 
 Yes, I know I am up to no good! 
 sitting outside, waiting for our table.  

Opening his bithday present.  Thank you great grandma Junie!

October 21, 2011

flashback friday

Brody- One Year Ago
This is one of my favorite pictures, despite the picture quality (i'm pretty sure this was an iphone pic without a flash).  It was the first night he actually slept in his crib and not in his swing.  He was almost as small as his seahorse!

October 14, 2011

Jungle Safari Party (The Recap)

**Disclaimer** I am way behind on posts... I am working on that... Promise**

Waay back on October 8th we had had Brody's First Birthday Party.  A Jungle Safari.    
I tried to DIY alot of stuff, but didn't end up doing quite as much as I really wanted to.  I found much of my inspiration via Pinterest
Brody's Party shirt was made by my friend Leah.  You can check out her website here.  
The party favor bags.  Inside were animal cookies, bubbles, a 'beach ball' zoo animal, a stuffed monkey and animal print sunglasses.  They were really cute!
Another friend, Maureen did a FANTASTIC job on his cake(s).
and the smash cake
His flag banner.  Inspired by this post by Amy @ A Good Life Blog.  Except... I cheated.  I got fed up with the sewing machine and ended up using iron on hem tape.  Worked like a charm.  These are eventually going to end up downstairs in Brody's playroom.  (More to come on the playroom progress).    
And my favorite part of the decorations was the monthly picture banner.  I am so happy that we ended up ordering these shirt stickers and are able to look back at the changes in Brody from month to month.
 This last year went by so fast, it was so neat to see him at each different stage.  I currently have this banner hanging down in the future playroom area.  It looks so cute in its new home.  
And now for some party photos:

(I was really bad at getting pics of people during the party.  I need to pay more attention to that, or designate someone to use my camera during the day).

Brody finally got up from his nap to join the party!
He was really intrigued by all the people and the balloons!

Mmmm Cake!
Yay for presents!

Grandma got him a tricycle.  He loved it.  He isn't quite tall enough to reach the pedals (or the floor) but has really been enjoying being pushed around on it!

Brody, I think the point of this is to SIT on it, not stand up...

Thank you everyone for all your help and for coming out to celebrate Brody's first year.  It was a wild and crazy ride, but we loved every minute of it!