July 23, 2013

what a week...

this last week was quite a week.  this started out as my move it monday post, but turned into more of a weekly recap.  i'll include my workouts, so i can still link up with ashley's move it monday (even though its tuesday) posts.  
tuesday morning:
i wasn't feeling much like running.  i actually had to do some serious pep-talks just to get myself to the gym.  i realized there was a spin class that was just getting started in the room right across the hall, so i jumped in for the remainder of the class (after apologizing for coming in 5 min late).  i hadn't been to spin in over a year, so it was a nice change for me.  after spin, i hit up body pump again.  this week was launch week, which involved learning a new routine.  it was difficult, and i definitely felt like i was working.
wednesday morning:   
this morning i forced myself onto the treadmill for a 1.5 mile warm up, then headed in for power yoga.  this is my favorite yoga class.  and once again, i was reminded how much i need to include yoga in my training.  power yoga is a 75 min class that focuses on flexibility, strengthening & balance.  i think the instructor hit every one of the muscle groups that was sore from tuesdays spin & body pump sessions.  

p.s. have i mentioned how much i hate the treadmill?! i will be so excited for us to get back to a little cooler temps outside.

thursday's workouts were interrupted by an impromptu visit to the emergency room with my hubby.  he had a small burn on his elbow that had been working its way into a pretty impressive infection.  we were sent into the er from an urgent care clinic for IV antibiotics.  we had a nice 5 hour stay with instructions for him to see an orthopedic surgeon in the morning.  
this was supposed to be a rest day for me anyway as i was scheduled to work friday, saturday, sunday this weekend.  however, after hubby's early morning doctors appointment, we found out he would be having surgery to clean out the infection in his elbow.  the surgery went well, and he was happy to have a splint and sling to wear for the next week.  

saturday and sunday were spent at work for me, and hubby at home resting doing way too much.  

goals for this week include: 
-2 body pump (strength) classes
-4 runs
-mapping out a half-marathon training schedule

whats on your plan for the week?

July 16, 2013

{the fourth}... finally

i just realized today i had never actually published the draft post i had been working on from july 4th.
so, here it is. just a little delayed... 
our fourth was laid back, but full of fun, family and food...
i started out the morning with a speedy 10K at the o'fallon firecracker 10K run, where i set my very own personal record.  afterwards, i met the family at the wentzville donut cafe for breakfast.  apparently, we were too hungry to have stopped and taken any pictures.  they were pretty busy, as they sat right on the parade route. 
prior to meeting for donuts, we set up a spot on the parade route. we walked down and got settled into our spot after breakfast. here is the fam... looking less than thrilled that i am bombarding them with photos.
brody really enjoyed the parade this year, and we all really enjoyed the mild weather.  at last year's parade it was nearing 100+ degrees.  after an appropriate amount of candy eating, bead grabbing, whining and snack eating, we headed back to the house to get ready for a family bbq/birthday party.  
the bbq included lots of food (again, no pictures), brody and daddy lighting fireworks, an a million snakes and snap pops with grandma.  

after it got dark, we sat in the driveway, played with some sparklers and watched the neighbors firework display.  they always do a great job, but this years may be the  

hope you all had a great fourth!

July 15, 2013

{move it monday}

recent workout goals include fitting in 4 workouts a week, with two strength training sessions (i.e.: bodypump classes).  i'm still undecided on a full or a half marathon this fall, so i am still loosely following my marathon training plan.
{here is my week in iphone workout photos}
we were both off work on monday, and b was home from school that day, so we headed out on the katy trail for a toasty (85 degree) family bike ride.  we started out in defiance and biked to augusta.  we stopped for lunch at the augusta brewery, then headed back towards our cars.
total distance: 14.07 miles
total time: 1 hr 21 min
i headed into the gym for a treadmill run and a body pump class.  there was a decent movie playing in the cardio cinema (which i can't for anything remember what it was), so i busted out a speedy 5 mile run (9:05 pace), then headed in for an hour of body pump.
total distance: 5 miles
total time: 1 hour, 45 minutes
i had planned a 3 mile treadmill run, but i had worked the night before and was lucky to have made it home without falling asleep.  a run wasn't going to help that any.  workout fail.

i wasn't feeling a run after my speedy run a few days back, so i added in a 3 miler of walk/jog intervals.  I ended up completing 3 miles in 33: 13, then headed in for an hour session of body pump.  i increased all my weights in class today (except the bicep round... not quite ready to go up there yet).
thursday night we also took advantage of this cool summer weather and took a 20 minute (one mile) walk throughout the subdivision.

total distance: 4 miles
total time: 1 hour and 53 minutes

this is my favorite run of the week, since i got to run with my wentzville runners club. most of the group set out for 9 miles saturday morning, but we had some plans for the morning, so i stuck with the traditional 6.2 mile loop.  there was beautiful 65 degree temps, and i was pretty bummed i wasn't able to stick around for the full 9 miles.  although, i hear it was pretty hilly!

total distance: 6.04 miles
total time: 55 min, 56 seconds
totals for the week include:
total miles: 29.11
total time: 5 hours, 55 minutes

linking up with ashley, for her move it monday series.
what did you do for a workout last week?

July 11, 2013

{how does our garden grow}

after talking about starting a garden for a few hubby set out and built it. and what a good job he did.  
we decided on a raised bed type and mapped out a nice bright spot on the side of our house for it. 
we had a little helper. every step of the way. 
we started out with a few tomato and pepper plants that hubby had brought home from work, and added in some starter veggie/fruit plants, herbs and seeds. and also a little fence to keep critters (and little boys) out. 

we are having some pretty good success so far.  This is impressive because I usually kill everything! 

of course I love that I have a little helper that wants to water the garden every three minutes. 
first thing out of his mouth in the morning... momma, we need to water the garden!  I hope this makes b want to eat his veggies!!

i need to do some reading, pronto. there is a lot to learn, and i would love to start a compost pile. anyone else doing any gardening?

July 9, 2013

{july 3...}

I started off my birthday morning with a quick 5k around my favorite little park.  We have been lucky to have had some beautiful weather this past week (of course it is 95 degrees now) so I felt obligated to get out to the park and away from the dread treadmill.   After my run, I booked it to the gym to squeeze in an hour long strength session.  One of my goals for the next year is to strength train consistently.  Body pump, 2 times a week will help accomplish that.  Plus… I am seeing noticeable results from just a month of classes twice a week.  Score.

After my sweat session, I went on a little shopping trip where I tried on everything, but bought pretty much nothing… enjoyed the sun for a bit, and then started prepping for our 4th of july/birthday bbq on thursday.
Hubby made me a fantastic bday dinner of baked potatoes and filet mignon for dinner, followed up by a fantastic crème brule from Whole Foods.
{thanks again was yummy!} 
After dinner, we headed out to the o’fallon heritage andfreedom fest for some carnival rides and fireworks.  Brody had a great time.  He rode on a few rides, won a stuffed fish (actually it was a joint effort by grandma & daddy), ate cotton candy, kettle corn and lemonade.  

we finished the night off with a great fireworks display.  
Overall, it was a pretty lovely birthday.  Of course, I wasn’t done celebrating yet.  I stretch my celebration over the entire holiday weekend whenever possible.  Do you blame me?!

July 8, 2013

{firecracker 10k}

i bit the bullet last week and signed up for the o'fallon firecracker 10k.  we had been having such wonderful weather, i couldn't hardly pass it up.
race morning, it was a beautiful 65 degrees.  its not too often you end up needing a jacket on the 4th of july.  
before the race, i met up with a few of the girls from my runners club.  jenn and alicia are both super speedy, so right after the race started, i bid them farewell and watched them speed away.  

as i started out on the course, my legs felt pretty heavy, but the weather was beautiful and i decided to just see what kind of pace i naturally settled in to.  when my garmin beeped at mile 1, i was shocked to see an 8:58 mile.  my second mile was a little slower at 9:20 pace.  after that little bit of recovery, i decided to stick with a pace where i felt comfortable, but surprised myself with sub 9 min miles for the remainder of the race.  
this my friends, was a personal record for me.  both for the 5K and 10K distances.
i am pretty proud of these results.  

here are some of the wentzville runner's club post race
{me, chrissi, alicia and jenn}

i am definitely learning i am capable of pushing myself faster than i typically do during training runs.  maybe this sub 2 hour half marathon goal isn't as far out of reach as i thought.

i'm linking up to Ashley at The Domestic Wannabe for her move it monday series!

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July 7, 2013

33 before 33

After celebrating my birthday last week, I thought I would put together a list of things I would like to accomplish in the next year. Without further ado...
1. Learn to use my sewing machine, and actually use it. 
2. Learn/utilize a photo editing program 
3. Catch up on Brody's photo books
4. Run another marathon (#4) in a fun city
5. Strength train consistently for a year (at least 2x wk)
6. Run a half marathon with a 1:xx as my finish time
7. Attend a blog conference 
8. Loose those last 10lbs (they can't be considered baby weight anymore)
9. Complete 12 Pinterest craft projects (goal: 1 per month)
10. Read one (new) book per month 
11. Monthly date night
12. Meet 2 new people/make 2 new friends in my car for something more economical 
14. Travel to 3 new places
15.revamp blog.  Blog more consistently
16. Start going to church again
17. Meal plan/grocery shop weekly (or biweekly)
18. Run 1000 miles in a year
19. Make a patchwork quilt 
20.get more sleep/go to bed earlier
21. Watch the complete series of friends
22. Go on a girls weekend (yoga retreat w/Susan?!)
23. Make time to see my family 
(goal: dinner once a month)
24. Start a compost pile for the garden
25. bring only natural products into our home when possible. 
26.attend a hot yoga class
27. Monthly momma & Brody outing
28. Get a(nother) tattoo
29.develop a weekly cleaning schedule and stick with it. 
30. Rock a bikini and feel comfortable about it. 
31. Buy a Tiffany's necklace
32.revamp wardrobe with clothes I love.