July 11, 2013

{how does our garden grow}

after talking about starting a garden for a few hubby set out and built it. and what a good job he did.  
we decided on a raised bed type and mapped out a nice bright spot on the side of our house for it. 
we had a little helper. every step of the way. 
we started out with a few tomato and pepper plants that hubby had brought home from work, and added in some starter veggie/fruit plants, herbs and seeds. and also a little fence to keep critters (and little boys) out. 

we are having some pretty good success so far.  This is impressive because I usually kill everything! 

of course I love that I have a little helper that wants to water the garden every three minutes. 
first thing out of his mouth in the morning... momma, we need to water the garden!  I hope this makes b want to eat his veggies!!

i need to do some reading, pronto. there is a lot to learn, and i would love to start a compost pile. anyone else doing any gardening?


  1. I am on my second year with a plot in a community garden. I still need to master composting myself but it definitely takes effort and space and I am short on both (especially in the summer heat). Good luck with your garden!

    1. My brother in law has a plot in a community garden in durango. he has been giving us lots of good advice! I am also short on space and effort... we will see how we do composting!