April 1, 2013

to run, or not to run...

for today's Move it Monday post, i thought i would let you all weigh in on my decision whether or not to sign up for sunday's half marathon.  
so, i was supposed to run the Alton Half Marathon March 23rd.  i spent many weeks of the last few months sick.  coughing.coughing.coughing.  i decided (along with some strict instructions from my pulmonologist) that it was in my best interest to sit it out.  then, i have spent the last several weeks being a lazy bum.  i want to be running, but it has just gotten too easy to sleep in and eat whatever is there and be genuinely lazy.  blah.

I was hoping signing up for another race would help motivate me again.  i know that running a half right now would be hard.  but thats the point, right?! kick my behind back in gear.  the trouble is... i have run this race before.  i hate it.  i don't like the course, its not very well crowd supported, and i have to drive almost an hour to get there for a 7am start time. oh, and it is $85 $55 (thanks to a friend with a discount code) since i am signing up a week before.  my hubby's advice was to run the 13.1 miles at my local park and he would make me a medal... 
what would you do?