June 13, 2013


so, i think this terrible twos thing is legit. b is exerting his independence at everything. he doesn't quite know how to deal with his emotions and gets really frustrated when he can't communicate something or do what he's attempting himself. 
after a few days of really testing my patience, this little boy was an absolute angel tonight. sweet and loving, and listened well. ate his dinner without needing to be convinced, played happily in the tub and went to bed without getting up with a million excuses. 

it's amazing what getting back to a routine does for a kiddo. After a 5 day hiatus from school, both b and momma were ready for routine again!

June 11, 2013

(almost) a country boy

this past weekend, we took a little family get-away (with the perrone family) to an off-road park in southern missouri.  
the big boys had fun playing in the mud with their jeeps.
the little boys spent the weekend being cute (and alternately fighting with each other), playing with monster trucks, throwing rocks in the pond and driving their remote control rock crawlers in the mud.  
 it was a real 'boy' weekend.  
there was lots of yummy food at least.
and b got brave and fraternized with a turtle, a moth and a (very tiny) frog.  

all that fresh air wore him out! he slept all the way home :)

June 10, 2013

{river rat}

we've been MIA again, right? 
here are some pics from our rafting trip last week on the Current River.  
b loved the water and did a great job wearing his life jacket and helping daddy paddle the raft.

 daddy was catching crawdads.  b thought they were cool...but was skiddish about touching it.
the water was COLD!

a little lunch break dance off with his best bud. 
this was a 'health spa' from the 1800s where people came to breathe fresh air. looks a little too much like a prison for my tastes.
we enjoyed our float, and would love to take b out for another adventure on the river.