May 17, 2013

{that's what he said}

Inspired by a favorite mommy blogger of mine... Here are a couple funnies out of the mouth of my little boy...
After a close, silent inspection of the car (and no comments/provoking from me). "Momma, that's a nice car". 

B: what are they making?!
Me: a pharmacy. 
B: a pharmacy?! For cows?!

And the kicker...(to his teacher):
"Ms. Netta, are you chocolate?" 
Not sure how often we will have funnies, but I will try to make notes and post them when I can. 

May 8, 2013


So, I was doing so well with the blog posts. Until I wasn't. So here's the question. Does anyone even read this? (Mom and grandma, your votes don't count) is it worth my time? Do you all like our updates?
Please leave me some feedback. What do you want to read about? All Brody, all the time? House redecorating, recipes, marathon training? Or are we better off leaving the blog to the crickets?