December 21, 2011

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

All this Christmas shopping is exhausting...

December 19, 2011

sneak peek

at least they are finally in my possession.  addressing and mailing may be asking a bit much!

December 18, 2011

fourteen months

You are well overdue for a monthly post {i sorta missed thirteen months... mommy fail} 
This month has brought lots of changes for little man's schedule.  He is now going to school daycare three days a week.  We found a great in home daycare that operates with an actual lesson plan/school day {for way cheaper than the private preschool I had fallen in love with}.  We drop him off around at either 6 am or 7:15 depending on the day, and daddy picks him up after work about 6 pm.  Brody has a great time with Ms. Michelle and Ms. Erin and is learning how to share and play with other kiddos.  
It is official that any sign of baby-ness is long gone.  We have ourselves a full-fledged toddler on our hands.  He is quickly becoming a little boy and his independent personality has emerged.  He is walking everywhere, running a little, and is even able to walk backwards some.  He is climbing onto everything and is becoming a little daredevil.  It is getting pretty hard to get pictures of him, as he doesn't stay still long enough! 
I think he is weighing in around 20 pounds and is getting really tall.  I'm looking forward to his 15 month checkup to see how much he has grown.  He is wearing size 12 month clothes, 18 month pajamas and size 4 shoes.  He is obsessed with brushing his teeth.  He is a really good eater, eating all table food.  He uses his fork pretty well and is working on the spoon.  He signs for "more" food and when he is "all done".  We are working on "please" and "drink".  Daddy is trying to teach him an incorrect sign for dirty diaper.   
'talking' on momma's phone
We have established a pretty decent schedule around here as well.  He sleeps from 7:30pm until around 8 am (except on school days).  He is still sleeping with his Ellie (the elephant) and has his tiger at school for naptime.  He is napping for about 3 hours around noon.    
Overall, I'm loving this age right now.  He stops playing and comes over for kisses.  Lays his head on my shoulder when I am holding him.  Snuggles with us before bed and when we wake him up.  We are having a little issue with separation anxiety and is becoming a little bit of a 'momma's boy', but i know that will pass and I don't mind the extra bit of snuggling that comes with it!

I sure do love this kid.

December 11, 2011

Stopping in to say hi...

Time is flying by these days. Brody's 14 month update is in the works. Here are a couple photos to tide you over until then.