October 12, 2014

{Brody's 4th Birthday Party}

can't believe this kid turned 4 last month.
 he asked for a minion party.  so a minion party he had.  
 we had it at our local playground, which we love to visit in the summer.  

it was a little chilly, but we survived.   

bow on the head.  tradition. 
 b and emma.  so cute.

now, the details...
I made a pinterest board a month or two before the party of all the DIY things i was going to make.  then, 3 or 4  days before the party i figured i had better get started. yep, i through it all together in a few days.  I wish i would have given myself more time, but... can't do anything about it now!
my friend Alyssa made me these adorable fondant minions for the cupcakes.
goody bags... 
they included a minion cup, a freeze ray (water gun), lipstick taser (chapstick), anti-gravity serum (bubbles), a minion bouncy ball, and banana shaped erasers.

 minion twinkies
 apple sauce

 our food spread.  
we had minion graham crackers, bananas, cookie robots, minion twinkies, cupcakes, applesauce, hotdogs, chips and salsa, apple juice and chili! the food all went pretty fast.
(i'm not sure why i don't have a photo of the other food table...)

i can't believe my little boy is 4.  
aren't we cute?!

 (ps. i am back-posting this so that it falls in order whenever i go back looking through our posts!)