May 26, 2012

brusha brusha brusha

brody loves to brush his teeth.  having a toothbrush that sings and plays animal sounds may be partially responsible for that.  

May 24, 2012

nineteen months

i find it really sad that i haven't managed to put up a single post between our eighteen and nineteen month updates... if anyone knows how to add an extra couple hours into the day, let me know!

And without further delay, here's Brody at 19 months!
this last month has been rough on our little man.  it all started off a week after his well-baby checkup with the doctor.  cranky baby. fever. rash. another doctor visit. we left with a diagnosis of hand, foot and mouth disease (which i think we picked up there at our well check).  this led to four days home from school, lots of snuggles, ibuprofen and mommy patience.

one week later, a call from B's school that he has a fever.  two more days home from school.  the next monday, back to the pediatrician.  double ear infections. eczema flare up.  and an allergy response to who knows what...

but, i think we are finally on the mend.
weighing in at 22 pounds by our bathroom scale.  and growing like a weed.

he is wearing size 5 shoes, 24 month jammies, 18 month onesies and 18-24 month clothes. we had to adjust his cloth diapers to the biggest setting because he is so tall.  

meal time and diaper changes have become (or remained) a struggle.  favorite foods are chicken nuggets, string cheese, hot dogs, greek yogurt & applesauce.  i am thankful he is a good milk drinker still.   if he doesn't like something, he doesn't want it on his plate.  he offers up his whole plate to the nearest taker when he is through with it.  

'no' has become the newest word to use, but frequently are hearing the favorites: shoes, choo choo, jeep, truck, milk, dog dog, mama & dada.  newer words are Cas (for his teacher miss cassie), airplane, kay up (caleb, brody's BFF).  he is still using his sign language, and they are incorporating it into school lessons too.  we frequently see: all done, please, thank you, more, drink, eat and occasional diaper signing.
B has been a lot of fun recently (when he is feeling well), which makes me look forward to our summer adventures!
"no more pictures momma"

May 3, 2012

eighteen months

Brody turned 18 months three weeks ago, and here I'm just getting this monthly post up and its almost time for another one already.  I know it is cliche, but where is the time going?  Can I make time stop before I blink and my baby is heading off to college?!

This little boy is hysterical.  He knows it too.  His vocabulary is really starting to improve.  He says about 15-20 words in the correct context, and he understands almost everything you ask him.  He is still signing as well, and his teachers at school think he is doing so well because he can pretty well communicate what he wants.  Some frequently heard words are: shoes, jeeps, truck, tractor (which sounds like trash truck), elmo, dog dog, fishie, etc.  He loves this 100 words book, and he can point to the pictures of almost every word in here when you say it to him.
B goes to school three days a week, and is learning so much.  Around Easter they hatched chickens (that have gone to live at Mrs Cassie's farm).  They have caterpillars right now, and are waiting for them to turn into butterflies.  They have planted a vegetable garden, go on weekly nature walks and just have a good time.  We are so lucky to have found a school that works so well for us.  
Brody is still obsessed with shoes, and can frequently be found wearing either daddy's flip flops or my red ballet flats (he must think he is Dorothy!)  His favorite toys right now are any vehicles.  He yells and points everytime he sees a truck, a tractor (construction equipment) or a jeep.  'Choo-Choo's' are also a frequent favorite.  We have been watching Thomas the Tank Engine on Netflix (over and over and over again!).  

Eighteen months brought with it another check up with Dr. Agolia.  

Brody weighed in at 22 pounds, 6th percentile on the growth chart.  That is the highest we have been since he was born.  He is 33 inches long, which is the 70th percentile.  We got a good report and Brody was very brave and didn't even cry when he got his shot.  He did make sure that his 'Elle' got a bandaid for her boo-boos.  

I'm pretty sure one of these times is when he picked up some of the germs we shared in our house this week.  More to come on that experience later.    
Happy 18 months baby boy!