August 26, 2011

{for real}

The invites are in the mail.  That makes it official that my baby is going to be ONE!

August 22, 2011

Splish Splash

While in Columbia, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took a walk at Stephen's Lake Park, and let B play in the"Splashground".  This was the coolest place, I wish we had somewhere like this at home.  
Brody was a little hesitant about the water, but after a little coaxing he was having a blast.  


Last weekend, Brody and I took an overnight trip to Columbia with Grandma & Aunt Betsy (and Wilson the puppy). We stayed one night and filled our weekend with shopping, eating and playing at the park).  
 What is a trip to Columbia without a visit to Shakespeare's Pizza?!
B liked the crust, but liked playing with the pizza pan even more!
It was really interesting watching them make the pizzas.  Brody intently watched each step, so I am going to put him to work next time we make homemade pizza!  

August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Practice makes Perfect

Brody practicing walking with Pa-Pa.  He thinks walking is the funniest thing ever!

August 16, 2011

Grammy's Birthday Dinner

Tonight we celebrated Grammy's Birthday with a family dinner. 
It was nice having all of us together, as it won't be long before my little brother packs up & moves to California (or New York, or Canada, or ?)
The whole gang at Red Lobster
sorry we cut your head off Uncle Jeff!
Happy Birthday Grammy. Hope you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow!

August 10, 2011

ten months

He is ten months old… hardly a baby anymore. 
Crawling everywhere, pulling up, sitting down, cruising holding on to furniture, walking with his push toy, walking holding onto our fingers, getting into EvErYtHiNg!

He has two top teeth that are absolutely adorable.  He is eating lots of table food, some stage 2 and 3 baby food, and is nursing 5 times a day.  He has a great appetite and will eat almost everything that we let him try. 
He is wearing clothes in all kinds of sizes, and is still long and skinny.  We’re in 12 month onesies and pj’s, shirts ranging from 3 months to 9 months, and 9-12 month pants.  He has been rocking his Puma’s in size 3.  We continue to cloth diaper, but are in size 2’s when we do use the occasional disposable. 
Diaper changes are becoming quite a challenge, as he hates to lie on his back.  As soon as you put him down on the changing table he fusses, and tries to flip over and wriggle away.  I have had to chase down a speedy naked baby crawling away from me numerous times after trying to change him on the floor! 

 He will sit on the floor and play with his toys, until he is distracted by something else he can get into.  He loves music, and will pull up and “shake his booty” when there is music on the tv or radio.  He “sings” along with the radio in the car, and babbles all the time.  I think he forgot how to say mama and dada now that he is mobile, but he is very vocal and makes all kinds of squeals and shrieks and laughter. 
He is sleeping through the night on most nights, going to bed about 9pm and we wake him about 8:30.  He takes two or three naps a day, the first two being about 2 hours and the third around 45 minutes to an hour.
Don't you just love this face!

August 8, 2011

Oklahoma Adventure

Brody and I took a road trip to Oklahoma at the end of July to visit my friend Kristen and her family.

Kristen's little girl is just three weeks younger than Brody.

Brody must not have liked what Quinn had to say! 
Here is Quinn's older brother Tate...
And the only picture I have of Kristen's Hubby.  Sorry Eric!
We had a such a good time.  We drove up on Saturday and headed home on Monday morning.  We went out for Mexican Saturday night then stayed up way too late talking and laughing.  Sunday morning, Brody napped (since he refused to sleep in the pack-n-play at night) and I had some much needed quiet time while the Van Scharrell family went to church.  We had pizza for lunch, then went out for self serve frozen yogurt (which is the best.invention.ever)
Brody loved it!
Brody is a great traveler.  He slept most of the trip, and when he was awake he played with his toys and tried to chew on his socks and feet (gross, I know!)  We are really looking forward to going on lots more adventures.