August 25, 2013

That's what he said...

B: Mommy! momma, are you my friend?! Did you miss me?! (When im out of sight for 30 seconds!) 
B: daddy, I want a blue dooder. 
Daddy: a what?!
B: a dooder, a blue one. 
Me: (laughing uncontrollably) a scooter daddy, a blue scooter! 
B: momma, there's a chin chiwwa on that tire!  a chin chiwwa! Look, right there! 
Me: oh, that's a squirrel. 
B: no momma, it's a chinchilla. 
B: I need to see the boose! The boose on that train!
Daddy (to B): if you want to stay outside, you need to keep your pants on. 
B: no thanks, I'll go inside then!
Oh, this kid is too funny!

August 22, 2013

{the dentist}

last week {august 15th} i took b for his first dentist appointment.  he was very excited and we had been preparing him for what they were going to do for over a week.  
we went in knowing all we may be able to accomplish was him sitting in the chair, and hopefully counting his teeth.
he was able to choose a cartoon to watch on netflix.  distraction works wonders.  
he surprised us and let miss brooke clean, polish and even floss his teeth.
and dr matt was even able to take a good look, and check out all his teeth!
he is now an official, tshirt wearing member of the no cavities club!
he did a super job and was a very big boy.  
{it helps that i promised chick fil a for lunch if he was a good boy... i'm not above bribery!  haha}

August 19, 2013

under construction.

one of my 33 before 33 goals, was to revamp my blog look.  bare with me while i work on some changes to our little bloggity blog... i'm terrible with html, so i am doing this very slowly... piece by piece.  it will be a constant work in progress for a little while!.

the sickies

our little family has had a rough summer.  it seems that at least one of us has been either sick or injured for the last three months!  i believe we are almost on the mend around here. 
this last few weeks have included lots of movie watching on the couch for momma and b, lots of rest and fluids, and multiple doctors appointments. 

we have finally gotten b well again, and he is back to his crazy self.  
me on the other hand... i am having a terrible time with the weather and my allergies.  
i take for granted the fact that my asthma is pretty under control for the most part.  i believe that my running has played a huge part in strengthening my lungs.  but, all it takes is one big weather change and i am down for the count.  i am loving the 50-60 degrees in august, but my lungs don't agree.

this has been going on for almost two weeks, and today i had my second doctors appointment, and finally think we landed on a combination of prescriptions that will let me rest and start feeling better!  Here's hoping. 
wow, thats a lot of medicine.  haha.  

we are hoping to be back to a more consistent and healthy schedule soon!

August 12, 2013

lets talk marathons...

for this weeks move it monday post, lets talk marathons... 
or the lack thereof.  

last winter, when i was training for the WDW marathon i swore there would be no more marathons.  ever.  three marathons was a nice round number... chicago, nike womens in san franscisco and walt disney world.  why should i run any more?  then, i got to disney and knew i needed to run the goofy challenge.  39.3 miles in two days?  i.want.that.medal! 
 (two pics post 2013 disney marathon!)

so, i decided that a fall marathon was a must do for the fall.  the Mo' Cowbell is a local race that i have run for the last two years... this year is the first year they are offering a full marathon.  its cheap, its close and its flat.  sounds like a winner.  
but... life got in the way.  i was up to running 12 miles for my long run and felt like i was already missing out on my family. with my longest training run planned for 22 miles, i just didn't have it in me.  i knew there was a reason i hadn't signed up yet... so now that we are 8 weeks away, i guess i had better sign up for the half marathon.  
i'm still not sure where i stand with the whole goofy challenge.  but for now... a half marathon it is.  

so now... here is my plan for my last few weeks of training.   i have always used hal higdon's training programs with great success.  and since i haven't been doing long runs consistently, i am planning on dropping back to the novice schedule.
i've been trying to get in 4 weekly runs, along with my 2 session of body pump each week. and since our weather has been so cooperative for august, i have been taking little man out with me.  i forgot how difficult running with the jog stroller is, but b is enjoying being out and about.  with him (and me) being sick over the last week, our runs have included a lot of walking, but i have made sure we still covered the scheduled distances.  

here's hoping we can keep this up until race day, on october 6th!

August 10, 2013


it seems like life is just whizzing by, as fast as it can... leaving us barely able to keep up.  i am having a hard time believing that in 2 months, b will be 3!
so, here is a replay of some of our ordinary days...

we found a little swimming hole at our local park, which we had a blast splashing and playing in.  
(of course, we found out shortly afterwards, there is contaminated water there... so we won't be back)
there have been multiple trips to the zoo...
working in the garden with daddy...
lots of cleaning and organizing...

cooking up new & yummy recipes...
a mommy & daddy weekend away with lots of good friends...
 mommy runs...

and mommy & brody run/walks.
(i don't think i will ever get to the point of being able to run much distance with this dang stroller)
an emergency visit to the dentist for mommy...
trips to the playground...
playing in the rain...
and a long week with a sick little guy... 
a few doctors appointments, a chest X-ray, 1 ear infection and a case of viral pneumonia... 
finally, after a full week, brody is starting to feel a little better!
what have you been up to in your busy lives? can you believe summer is almost over?

August 4, 2013

mommy and brody date day

back in my 33 before 33 post, i mentioned that i wanted to have a monthly mommy and brody outing.  so, last week i asked brody what he wanted to do for our mommy & brody day.  
his plans were very detailed...
first up. watching netflix on the ipad.
then, a walk ride around the block in his monster truck.
with a stop to watch the neighborhood construction crew
and pick some flowers for mommy.  
we ran a few errands, including a stop at office max
for our actual outing, b requested a 'pizza picnic at the park'.
so a pizza picnic we had.  
the park near our house has a nature classroom, where kids can use items found in nature to play, build and make music.  we spent quite a long time in the outdoor classroom.  
b had so much fun, he wore himself out.  
more updates to come... we have had lots of summertime adventures we need to catch you all up on!