August 12, 2013

lets talk marathons...

for this weeks move it monday post, lets talk marathons... 
or the lack thereof.  

last winter, when i was training for the WDW marathon i swore there would be no more marathons.  ever.  three marathons was a nice round number... chicago, nike womens in san franscisco and walt disney world.  why should i run any more?  then, i got to disney and knew i needed to run the goofy challenge.  39.3 miles in two days?  i.want.that.medal! 
 (two pics post 2013 disney marathon!)

so, i decided that a fall marathon was a must do for the fall.  the Mo' Cowbell is a local race that i have run for the last two years... this year is the first year they are offering a full marathon.  its cheap, its close and its flat.  sounds like a winner.  
but... life got in the way.  i was up to running 12 miles for my long run and felt like i was already missing out on my family. with my longest training run planned for 22 miles, i just didn't have it in me.  i knew there was a reason i hadn't signed up yet... so now that we are 8 weeks away, i guess i had better sign up for the half marathon.  
i'm still not sure where i stand with the whole goofy challenge.  but for now... a half marathon it is.  

so now... here is my plan for my last few weeks of training.   i have always used hal higdon's training programs with great success.  and since i haven't been doing long runs consistently, i am planning on dropping back to the novice schedule.
i've been trying to get in 4 weekly runs, along with my 2 session of body pump each week. and since our weather has been so cooperative for august, i have been taking little man out with me.  i forgot how difficult running with the jog stroller is, but b is enjoying being out and about.  with him (and me) being sick over the last week, our runs have included a lot of walking, but i have made sure we still covered the scheduled distances.  

here's hoping we can keep this up until race day, on october 6th!

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