August 22, 2013

{the dentist}

last week {august 15th} i took b for his first dentist appointment.  he was very excited and we had been preparing him for what they were going to do for over a week.  
we went in knowing all we may be able to accomplish was him sitting in the chair, and hopefully counting his teeth.
he was able to choose a cartoon to watch on netflix.  distraction works wonders.  
he surprised us and let miss brooke clean, polish and even floss his teeth.
and dr matt was even able to take a good look, and check out all his teeth!
he is now an official, tshirt wearing member of the no cavities club!
he did a super job and was a very big boy.  
{it helps that i promised chick fil a for lunch if he was a good boy... i'm not above bribery!  haha}

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