August 19, 2013

the sickies

our little family has had a rough summer.  it seems that at least one of us has been either sick or injured for the last three months!  i believe we are almost on the mend around here. 
this last few weeks have included lots of movie watching on the couch for momma and b, lots of rest and fluids, and multiple doctors appointments. 

we have finally gotten b well again, and he is back to his crazy self.  
me on the other hand... i am having a terrible time with the weather and my allergies.  
i take for granted the fact that my asthma is pretty under control for the most part.  i believe that my running has played a huge part in strengthening my lungs.  but, all it takes is one big weather change and i am down for the count.  i am loving the 50-60 degrees in august, but my lungs don't agree.

this has been going on for almost two weeks, and today i had my second doctors appointment, and finally think we landed on a combination of prescriptions that will let me rest and start feeling better!  Here's hoping. 
wow, thats a lot of medicine.  haha.  

we are hoping to be back to a more consistent and healthy schedule soon!

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