December 6, 2012

our crazy life...

hi all.  i guess it has been almost a month since we have shared a post with you.  we have just been going about our lives, without too much excitement.  we tend to like it that way!
here are a few randoms of whats going on in our little lives!
we are making huge strides in the potty training world.  b is in "underpants" almost all day long (except naps and night time).  we started him in pullups at school this week, and have had two full days of him being completely dry.  including when he wakes up in the morning.  woohoo!
 sorry for the out of focus shot here.  one of our favorite pastimes these days is reading.  he loves being read to and even makes up stories when he is reading by himself.  his most current favorite book is the apple tree the giving tree.  we read it over and over and over (and over again).  also, a disney cars book and a road construction book come in as close seconds.  
my marathon is about 5 weeks away, so we have been going on lots of runs at the park.  b is such a good boy in his stroller and is so patient to let me finish my milage before playing on the playground.  we have been enjoying the mild temps so far, and hope we can avoid any snow for a few more weeks!
 with the demise of hostess, i felt it was important that brody didn't grow up never have eaten a ding dong.  he sure enjoyed his over-processed, high fructose dessert.  
what?! one ding dong never hurt anybody... 
our crazy boy is still sleeping in his crib.  and i'm okay with that.  i'm not quite sure i am ready to transition him to a toddler bed yet.  bedtime is about 7:30-7:45 and he sleeps until about 7-7:30 on non-school days.  three days a week he goes to school, and those are early (5:30am) mornings.  he does pretty well with those those.  especially if daddy is the one getting him ready.  he is a creature of habit.  much like his mommy.  
again, another day of enjoying the beautiful warm-ish weather.  b loves drawing with chalk. and likes to lay down on the ground and be traced.  "draw me" he says.

that is about all of the excitement these days.  i'll try to be back with a thanksgiving update and some christmas going-ons soon. 

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