November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day

our thanksgiving started off with the macy's thanksgiving day parade (and coffee of course!)
 brody loved watching the parade (im not too sure what we actually captured on the tv...)
 while everyone was lounging around, i took advantage and snuck out for a 6 mile run.  it was so nice to be in shorts at the end of november!
our table all ready.  don't judge my one mismatched plate.  i had one more person than i have dishes.  (maybe i should hint to my hubby for another set of dishes?!)
 cody self assigned the task of the mashed potatoes.  he did good work.  
 green beans and bacon.  yum. 
 barb, robert and patrick.
{i wish i would have taken pics of everyone all the way around the table}
b ate a little of everything.  the only thing he didn't like was black olives.  i think he thought they were who can blame him.  
 papa in his seat, assigned especially by brody. 
 we are both smiling, and our eyes are open.  amazing.  
 brody and grandma decided to skip turkey day and move right into christmas crafts.  
 we also celebrate papa's birthday during thanksgiving.  we made him a really yummy carrot cake.  i sent the rest home with them and wish i would have put a piece in my freezer.  it sure would taste good right about now!
 b and grammy getting ready for cake and presents
we had a great day and are thankful for all of our family and for the time we get to spend with all of them.  we missed our uncle jeff in california and our uncle shaun out in colorado, but hoping to see everyone for christmas.

{p.s. i am back dating this post (to thanksgiving) so it will be in order later when I go back to work on b's photo book!}

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