December 10, 2012

wild lights.

one of the things i wanted to add to our holiday traditions this year was a visit to our zoo's holiday light display.  
we dressed brody in lots of layers,  loaded him into his stroller, decked him out with christmas lights and headed to the zoo.  
we got tons of compliments on the lights on his stroller.  
(i can't take credit for the idea though... thanks mikayla for the great idea at boo at the zoo this fall)
the three of us, outside the penguin house. 
we had a little encounter at the penquin house.  b is still talking about it.  

we were getting up close and personal with some of the penguins.  i was actually holding brody and a "juvenile" penquin, by the name of abby, came up and splashed us both.  we were pretty well soaked.  brody has been telling the story over and over of how the penny got him and mommy wet.

this photo was pre-penny splashing
 we had a little dinner...
 took some pictures...
 and visited with an elf.  
they had a great light display. we will definitely be adding this to our yearly holiday traditions!

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