December 17, 2012

holiday happenings...

i tried to do the pinterest 25 books of christmas, but only ended up with 12 books.  so the 12 days books of christmas it was.   brody picked out some special penguin paper (since we were fresh off the great penguin splashing incident of 2012)...  these photos were from night #1.  as the nights went on, he got tired of momma always trying to take his picture.  
 so far, he has really enjoyed getting a new christmas book to read before bed each night.  
 i wanted to make sure that b understood that christmas wasn't just about Santa... so i got him the fisher price nativity set.  he really likes playing with his baby jesus.
 except for when baby jesus climbs onto the roof of the manger... that is a dangerous place for a baby! 
brody got a letter the other day, with a return address from S. Claus.   
 he was really excited to open it and relieved to hear that he had been a good boy this year and he was most likely getting his airplane he asked for.  he was less impressed that santa said he needed to eat more vegetables. 
 daddy took brody to his schools breakfast with santa (i was working).  he got his picture taken with santa and mrs. claus, made a christmas craft and ate waffles and sausage.  he had a great time!  
 here, he was rethinking his christmas requests.  this is where the candy cane got added to the wish list.  an airplane and a candy cane?  i think santa can handle that!
a few more holiday happenings to catch up on.  coming soon.  i hope.

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