December 9, 2012

run santa, run!

saturday was the 2nd annual santa's north pole dash 5k.  
this was our first year running in it and we had an absolute blast.  
inside your race packet was a hat, beard, santa shirt and gloves.  pretty fancy, right?!
cody wore his beard like a mullet. 
"business up front, party presents in the back".

it was a pretty fun race, but was pretty crowded.   i have never seen so many santa's in one place!

we decorated b's stroller with christmas lights and candy canes, and he wore his 'deer ears' the whole time.  

b needed some electrolyte replacement after working so hard pulling the sleigh.

truth... i may or may not have signed up for this race just because i wanted that medal!

any santa themed races in your neck of the woods? come join us for the race next year!

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