March 15, 2011

Brody's First Parade

March 12, 2011
After the race we decided to stay downtown for the parade because the weather was so nice. We had parked our car at Union Station, so we walked back to the car to change clothes and for an "on the go" Brody feeding.  We had lunch at Union Station, and then walked through crowds of people to find a place where we could watch the parade. 

 Lesson learned. Put up chairs/blankets/shade tents prior to the race.  It was PACKED.  
We decided we might make a day of this in the future and come prepared with a pop up tent, chairs, coolers, food (and beer, as none was to be found within walking distance of where we finally stopped- Amazing, right?) and hopefully recruit some friends to hold down the fort tent, while we run the race, then enjoy the parade.  Here’s hoping the weather is this beautiful for years to come.  (or we will just haul down a fire pit too!)

Brody was obviously very impressed by the parade... 
evidenced by how he spent most of it:

Here are a few pictures of the parade:

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!

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