March 15, 2011

{5 months}

Well, here we are.  Five whole months old.  I can hardly believe how quickly the months are flying by.  We have really been enjoying the warm up in the weather, and have been taking advantage of these warm, sunny days by going on walks and playing at the park.  

March 4, 2011
He is developing so quickly these days.  I'm afraid that if I blink, he will be going off to kindergarten.  We are working on sitting up (while being propped up), still working on that rolling thing too.  He has found that tummy time isn't too bad after all, so why bother rolling over.  His newest trick is pinching and scratching.  He likes the sound that his fingernails make on different surfaces, scratching the walls while on his changing table, the bedding in the crib, and momma while he is nursing.  

Speaking of nursing... we are now nursing every 2-2.5 hours, trying to get extra calories into our small fry.  It seems to be working for him, as I am starting to see a little bit of baby fat, however it is tiring momma out.  And I am starving all the time!  He is pretty efficient however, nursing only 5-7 minutes per side, instead of the 10-12 we had been doing.  We are still giving him Prevacid two times a day, but haven't seen much improvement in the spitting up.

We have adjusted his diapers up to the next size, hoping that will help where it rubs on his little thighs.  
Even though he isn't quite at that 17-22 pound range, it seems to be helping a little bit.  Because Brody's legs are so skinny, he was leaking out the sides, but we also changed the liners to the more absorbent ones, which has mostly solved this issues.  We are slathering him in hydrocortisone cream and vaseline 1-2 times a day, and are seeing a small improvement in his eczema too.  

Doesn't he look like he is up to no good?!
More pictures to come.  I promise.  

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