September 18, 2013

{wild harvest test kitchen}

friday morning, as a part of the healthy living summit, i had the opportunity to visit the wild harvest organics test kitchen in eden prairie, minnesota.  wild harvest is a branch of supervalu grocers, and their products are featured right here in st. louis at shop n save stores.  wild harvest strives to provide "organic food that's priced for families: real families with real budgets".  i really like that this is part of their mission, as i personally know how difficult it is to want to provide organic or natural foods for my family while trying to stick to a budget.  
we were divided into three groups for the tour.  the first stop was a session discussing the difference between natural and organic products, along with some more information about the company. 
we were able to taste test a variety of chips and salsa.  the mango salsa was the clear winner!
next, we moved to the recipe design station.  we met with genie, who demonstrated a recipe for turkey burgers with cucumber dill sauce.  holy yum.  this will be making its way into our meal planning soon!
our final step was a stop in the sensory lab.  this is where product testing and comparison are completed.  we participated in a mini survey of their new cherry vanilla granola. 
after completing the test kitchen tour, they had a very nice spread of wild harvest foods for us to sample, along with some yummy mock mojitos from our talented 'bartender' brian.  
lunch was really good and we had a great time learning about wild harvest and their products.  we received lots of samples from the actual conference, so i am looking forward to trying more new products and to start picking up some more new items at my local shop in save.  

have you tried wild harvest before?  what things do you love that i should try?


  1. Ah that last picture of us I totally cropped because it was such a weird angle...why did she sit on the floor to look up at us and take a picture haha! It was good to meet you there and chat a little on the bus! :)

    That bartender made a mean mojito!!

    1. Okay that's not the exact picture I was thinking of because when she used my camera she was definitely on the floor and it just made our legs look weirdly large. And that's the end of me stressing over that picture ha!

    2. haha. amanda, i had to go back through and see which picture you were talking about! i was so bummed because i didn't think i had gotten one of the zip drives with the recipes on it, but last night i found it wedged into the corner of one of my bags! yay!