September 21, 2013

brody and mommy date {september}

thursday, i took b out for our monthly mommy and brody date. 
i let b pick where he wanted to go for dinner.  
his selection?! sams club.  seriously, this kid passed up chick fil a for sams.  

i haven't quite figured out where b's obsession with sams came from, however... i can guess.  first, there is an amazing waitress at one of our local restaurants named sam.  b and sam are friends.  he asks for her every time we go there, and she takes him around the restaurant with her. so there's that. 
but also...
there's this.  yes. its a happy face.  the door man at sams, gerald. he draws a happy face on your receipt when you leave.  this man has won over my little b.  he looks for him every time we go in, or even if we just stop at the sams gas station, he tells me he needs to see gerald.  it is hysterical.  
(we really don't go that frequently either. maybe 2 x week for gas and maybe once a month into the actual store. weird, huh?)
so, dinner? it was pizza. and pretzel. and that darn 'bear drink' that daddy introduced him to.
this dinner selection being the reason we only frequent here once a month or so. 
but, for some reason it makes him insanely happy.
he somehow even sweet talked himself into ice cream
b was super talkative and was socializing with all the employees, and they all thought he was something else.  the nice man at the food counter brought him ice cream for being such a good boy.  
we then went home and promptly crashed from all the sugar/junk food consumption.
hey, i gotta let the kid live a little bit, right?

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