September 11, 2013

A week...

How has it been a week since my last post?! Life is just flying by, one week at a time. So, here are some random updates for you all... 

I'm getting super excited for my trip to the twin cities for the healthy living summit.  As some of you know, Kelly (from and I will be hosting a roundtable discussion on making your health and fitness a priority. This is a really fitting topic for me, seeing how I have been feeling like life just keeps passing me by. We really need to stop and take the time to focus on ourselves, making exercise and healthy choice a part of our every day lives. 
More on this topic after I return from #hls13.  
Saturday, a few friends and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Wendee. I never mind having a party at my house, and everyone worked together and covered the food, so I didn't even have to do any cooking! Score!

Sunday, my mom and aunt Betsy took Brody and I to the cardinals game. It was pretty warm but overall we all had a good time. And we brought home a winner!
Then, there was this...
Yesterday, while I was at work, hubby decided he couldn't take B's curls anymore. So out came the clippers, and a sad face from momma. 
Here was a pic taken the day before. 

I know it will grow back, but I miss his crazy sweet curls. 

I had some great workouts this week.  According to, I had 7 workouts, covered 31 miles and burned 2,665 calories. Monday included a 5 mile run & a 12 mile bike. Tuesday was 28 minutes of elliptical and an hour of bodypump. Wednesday, a 4.5 mile run, Thursday 1 warm up mile on the treadmill and another hour of bodypump. Friday and Sunday were rest days with a Wentzville Runners Club 10k on Saturday morning. 

Whew... What a week, huh?!

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