September 2, 2013

{a labor day ride}

today, we took advantage of the weather not being a million degrees! 

i started off with a run, just to test the waters and see how my body responded to a run after almost 3 weeks off while i was sick. surprisingly, i felt pretty good. i ran 5 miles, averaging 9:45 min miles. a few times i even found myself running between 8:45-9:10 min miles. i could definitely tell that i have lost quite a bit of my endurance. i was pretty tired by about mile 3.5, but i pushed through the last few for a total of 5 miles in 49:13. 

i met the rest of my little family at the trailhead, and we headed out for a bike ride. 
we rode on the katy trail, and stopped halfway for lunch at the augusta brewery.  i had a yummy caprese salad (but failed to take a picture...). i was hoping for a pumpkin beer, but unfortunately it was still too early in the month. having lunch here is a nice little break in our ride, but i always have to remember not to eat so much that i don't want to make the rest of the ride back. haha. 
we totaled 12 miles in about an hour and 10 minutes. it was a great way to spend our labor day.  

did you get out and move?!

p.s. i'm linking up with ashley from the domestic wannabe for move it monday!

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