October 30, 2012

twenty four months

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twenty four months.  woah.  thats two, people.  

two years seems like a long time right?  well... not to me.  it seems like just yesterday i was handed this tiny squirmy baby.

b had his two year check up last week.  we went to see a new pediatrician, dr. joyce.  i used to work with her at the hospital,  she just opened a practice right near our home. she pretty much rocks. b is weighing in at 24 pounds, 7 ounces (this is the 11 percentile folks.  woo hoo!! back on the growth chart!) and he is 34 1/2 inches (54 percentile) tall. still skinny, but making some progress!

we have moved on to wearing mostly size 24 months and 2T clothing.  Mostly so his clothes will still fit through the winter, as they are a little big right now.  i finally moved him into size 4 disposable diapers (for the occasional times we aren't in cloth), but they are a tiny bit big still.  he still remains to be a pretty picky eater, but does well when he finds something he likes.  daily requests are for (turkey) hot dogs, cheese and 'orang-eees'.  i am fighting the transition from a sippy cup, but he prefers to drink from an open cup.  we are still giving him organic, whole milk, and probably will until he goes to college based on his s.l.o.w. weight gain.  dr. joyce suggested giving him a pediasure every night before bed to supplement his intake, and we will go back for a weight check in six months. 

we started b at a new school this past week.  his old school was closing, so we took that opportunity to enroll him in the program i loved when we first started looking at schools.  now that he is two, it was a little more affordable.  he is attending school three days a week, and has done really well with the transition.  his teachers say he listens really well (ha!) and has been making new friends easily.   

i am really enjoying his vocabulary.  he can express himself most of the time and his vocabulary is amazing.  he jabbers all the time.  he sings twinkle twinkle and makes up all kinds of songs while laying in his crib.  he points out every truck, tractor (bulldozer), or motorcycle he see while we are out driving.  he can identify many sounds airplane, trucks, fire truck, dogs, cows, etc. 
(jenna... we have cows in the field across from our subdivision.  
b tells me 'mommy cow, daddy cow, and baby cow'  or 'cows sleeping' when we don't see them! 
i thought you would be proud.)
he still gets frustrated and a little whiny but after a gentle reminder to use his words and tell us what is wrong, he does pretty well.  we have implemented the use of time out on occasion, and b knows if he does something wrong if he is sad or upset, he will go stand in his little corner in his room until he calms down.  

we are still making progress on the potty training front.  again, we have never pushed him to go, but offer him the chance to sit on the potty about every 2 hours, and we have been 90% successful.  there are many days where he is dry most of the day, and we have even had a few days in big boy underpants.  a few accidents, but nothing that we wouldn't expect.  

i am enjoying each day with this crazy, silly little boy.  we continue to have adventures and make more memories every day.  i hope someday when he is older, he will appreciate looking back and reading about what he was like as a baby.  on my most nostalgic my baby isn't a baby anymore days, i love going back through and reading about what he was doing at certain times in his life!
i just can't believe it, but i'm looking forward to another crazy, fun-filled year with my little man!


  1. I'm so jealous that you're having success with potty training. E is also 24 months and he is showing NO signs of wanting to try.

    1. katie- of course every kiddo is different. we really were't/aren't pushing much with brody. mostly he has just done it on his own. it has been about 2 months of using the potty, but i am still not ready to give up the diapers or to tackle a trip out of the house in underpants. we need to make some progress with pooping in the potty first! LOL. E will get there when he is ready. hopefully, he will show some signs of interest before your little nuunie gets here. i sure wouldn't want two in diapers!