October 7, 2012

23 months

here is a  VERY delayed 23 month post... needed it posted so we can move on to our 2 year next week!
no official photo shoot this month.  he pretty much hates my big camera.  my iphone camera is tolerable, as long as i use the rear facing camera and he can see himself.  
at 23 months brody is:

Wearing clothes sizes 18-24 months, shoe size 6, and size 3 diapers (when we use disposables). 
loving vehicles.  trucks, tractors, motorcycles, diggers, bicycles, dump trucks.  if it has wheels, he loves it.  he has a tractor or a truck in his hand 95% of the time.  
loving reading.  he likes all types of books, but there are a few favorites that come out to be read, and read again, and read again... especially at bedtime
becoming a kinda picky toddler.  meals include food favorites of hotdogs, chicken, 'roni & cheese', chocolate milk and apple juice.  pretty much all he is living on right now.  i need to work on giving him more options and trying to make him eat what we do, but you gotta pick your battles, ya know?!

he is getting tall, tall, tall but still a skinny minny.  from what i can tell on our bathroom scale he weighs about 24 pounds.  i am looking forward to our 2 year check up to get official heights/weights. 
b still goes to school 4 days a week and is loving it.  he is learning so much and his vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  he is using 3-4 word sentences, and can pretty much get his point across  when he has something to say.   
our big accomplishment for the month is potty training.  another little boy at B's school has been working on potty training, and of course brody wants to be just like him.  he had been telling us when his diaper was wet or dirty, so when he started asking about the potty, we went for it.  he goes almost every time you put him on it, and has even had a few days where he was dry all day at school.  now we just have to work on him telling us he has to go, instead of us just putting him on there every hour and a  half!  we are taking it slow and letting him go at his own pace, since i know he is really young for this still.  
thats about all we have been up to recently.  There has been lots of party planning for a special 'Digger' Birthday Party.  hopefully you will have a blog update of the party sometime soon.  
in unrelated news... my computer is dying a slow death.  it is weighed down with about a zillion photos and its memory and speed are almost impossible to tolerate.  I am working on deleting any pics we don't need (since I am notorious for taking 10 pics just to get one good shot) and I am going to learn how to back my photos up onto my external hard drive and delete them from my computer.  hopefully i can do that successfully and can get this computer back to working effectively again.  I miss being able to blog post as often, all because our internet sucks and my computer is super slow and takes FOREVER to download pics from my camera and to upload into blogspot.  

if your still with me, amen to you!  thanks for reading!

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