October 13, 2012

The Digger Party

you are about to be overloaded with a mass amount of pics of my super cute birthday dude.  don't say you weren't warned! 
i can't believe we are celebrating little man's 2nd birthday.
all b's little friends joined us for lunch and ice cream sundae's.  they all looked so cute in their construction gear.  
daddy and brody eating b's birthday sundae.
 we had a special visit from our policeman friend and his police dog.  (it wasn't a bulldozer but the kids thought it was pretty cool)

the birthday boy in the drivers seat

 b's concentration face :)
friends played outside, drove trucks around and took turns on the swing.  
brody received lots of very cool presents.
we are so thankful we were able to spend time with our friends and family.  

 he wasn't too sure what to do with the cards

 thank you hugs for grandma!
 a street map play rug
cool cards 
 brody's favorite present (from grandma, of course!)
he loves his ride on digger!

again, we had a great time and wanted to thank all of b's little friends for joining us!  i will post a separate post with all the party details for all of you that are interested in my obsessive party planning!  

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