November 27, 2011

week in iphone pics: Vol 2

This week went by really fast!  I would get home for the day and realize I hadn’t taken any pictures of the things we did.  I’m hoping over time I will get better about that, because I think these posts will be great to go back and look at in the future. 

brody had spaghetti for the first time and made a colossal mess.  we went straight to the tub after dinner.

We started our day out with a playdate with Brooklyn and her mommy Erin, but I neglected to take any pictures.  Fail.  Later we made it to the grocery store to do our Thanksgiving shopping.  Brody was so good until the end when he decided to dump a carton of eggs all over the cart.

B spent the day with daddy while I worked.  My mom came out to spend the rest of the week with us.  I made a fabulous carrot cake for Thanksgiving, and we pretty much devoured the rest of the icing from the bowl. 
[best cake ever, by the way]
recipe here

We spent the day in true Thanksgiving style, by cooking and doing dishes.  We watched the Macy’s Parade, ate great food, played cards, and ate tons of dessert.  Brody ran around wearing a paper bag and thought he was hilarious.  He was. 

We started our day off with a family breakfast, then did a little bit of shopping.  I wasn’t brave enough to tackle early morning shopping!  B had a snack on grandma's lap.  Then, we spent most of the evening lounging around in our pj’s, watching Twilight. 

We took Brody to visit Santa (pic to come… none from my iphone) and had lunch at Olga’s with Aunt Betsy.  Again… photo fail.  We ended our evening with more pj time and hanging out in the way too small bouncy seat, and watching New Moon. 


Cinnamon rolls & chocolate milk for breakfast.  Brody wasn't so sure about them.  I think he'll just stick with bananas.  {And I am planning to get back to my healthy eating first thing tomorrow morning}.  My mom kept Brody for an hour or so this afternoon, giving me some much needed mommy time {Starbucks and a Manicure}  Sunday ended with an early bedtime for Brody and Eclipse on DVD.  

Brody starts his new school tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

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