November 11, 2011

under the weather

We have had a trying month in our household.  Here’s why...
We started the month with Brody’s 12 month check up.  We are (hopefully) sending Brody to daycare school in the next few months, so I wanted to make sure his immunizations were up to date… He has always had his immunizations split up, but I went ahead and had him get all the 12 month shots this time.  [Cue ‘fussy baby’ now].  We had a week and a half of fussing and clinginess and a general inability to be put down. then a few days of fevers.  Another trip to the pediatrician was in order.  Our first ear infection.  So, Brody had his first round of antibiotics.  Amoxicillin.  x 10 days.  This led to a terrible rash and major diaper area skin breakdown.  Damn sensitive skin.  

an ear infection + fever + awful diaper rash = one unhappy little man

Brody perked up a bit and we thought things were on there way back to normal.  However, he continued to be fussy, irritable and clingy.  Then we had two more days of low grade fevers.  Back to the doctor we went.  Now, double ear infection.  Ten more days of antibiotics.  This time Omnicef.  [Which is a $35 prescription, by the way]. 

So now we are at 10 days out of 14 on the Omnicef and we have the skin breakdown going on again.  Brody cries hysterically every time it is time to have his diaper changed.  And I think his ears still hurt…we go back to the pediatrician again next friday to re-evaluate the ears again.  We're hoping it has cleared up by then.  

What a way to spend the first month of your second year of life!
sorry about the picture quality.  My EVO takes terrible pictures.  

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  1. Oh,no!! I feel your pain. This is what we went through from the time Em was 4 months until we got the tubes at 9 months. It's so hard to see them hurt. I hope he feels better soon!!