January 1, 2014

two thousand fourteen

as we brought our year to a close, i began thinking about just what I would like out of 2014.   

don’t get me wrong, 2013 was a great year.  we made lots of memories and had lots of great adventures, but i feel like there has been a huge disconnect in my work-life balance.  working full time (12 hours shifts, rotating days & nights) and being a good mommy/wife is hard work.  being a pediatric icu nurse is emotionally draining in itself, then adding in family time, house work, exercise, etc.  
i have failed at remembering to take care of me.  

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this blog was started to be a way to journal our lives with brody.  however, through our little blog and reading so many other healthy living blogs (and my awesome experience at the healthy living summit) i have been introduced to so many healthy and inspiring women. i am going to take this next year and not set any specific resolutions, but to try and become a healthier, more well rounded woman, wife,  mother (and maybe eimage via}

here’s to you all in 2014

what are you doing differently this year?!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful goal for the year! So thankful to have met you at HLS!

  2. Made me smile! Hope you have a great year and look forward to making some memories with you this yesr