January 27, 2014

{meal prep}

after reading The Lean Green Bean's blog for a few weeks, i finally did it. i meal prepped. thank you lindsay for your motivation!  i am convinced that having healthy food ready is going to be a big help in continuing to eat clean.  

i had completed 14 days of the advocare 24 day challenge before our family came down with what could have only been the bubonic plaque… now that we are {gradually} feeling a little better, i want to make sure we get back to putting good food in our bodies. 
that said… i wanted something sweet…. 
i made lindsay's quinoa breakfast bars.  and they were good. really good.  recipe here.

i am eager to get back into my marathon training, as soon as i can stop coughing long enough.  but lets not get ahead of ourselves, right?!  my longest run was two weeks ago, 14 miles.  it coincided with my highest milage week for awhile as well (25 miles).  we had a warm day a week ago where i completed 11 miles.  i somehow had myself off on my training, and was a few weeks ahead of where i needed to be.  i am hoping that will help me make up my lost time this last week.  
this is the best i can do for a move it monday, since there hasn't been much moving this week!

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