January 2, 2014

our christmas in {lots of} photos

brody's christmas concert
they did such a great job singing each of the christmas songs.  
he was so proud of his fancy christmas clothes. 

my little reindeer.
not the greatest shot, but 4 generations!
christmas eve
 we started our christmas eve off with a trip to our favorite donut shop.  
then some cookie decorating and gingerbread building with grandma. 
we visited with uncle jeff and carolyn for a while but somehow i didn't take any pictures.   
 we sprinkled food for the reindeers
and left some special treats for santa and rudolph
our christmas eve!
santa came!
christmas morning 

apparently, opening presents is exhausting!
later that day…
the bar has been raised in the tradition of hard to open gifts 
probably the present i have been waiting the longest for!  
my surprise from my hubby.  now i don't have to share!
b and aunt barb
grammy & papa
 daddy and robert
carolyn, uncle jeff & grandpa barry

hope your day was the merriest!

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