October 7, 2013

{mo' cowbell}

you guys, i did it.  i survived my half marathon!
but first, a little history:
there is something about this race.  the only thing i can identify with is the sentimental aspect. i ran the inaugural race, which wasit my first half marathon after having brody.  it was also, my first and only 2:00 half marathon (finished 2012 in 2:00:19).  so, when they announced they were adding a full marathon this year, of course i figured i had to do it.  right?! wrong.  life got in the way.  i talked a little about my decision to not run the full here.  at one point, i had even decided i wasn't going to participate at all this year.  october is a busy month for our family.  but, when the email was sent announcing the price increase, i caved.  i knew i would be bumming come race day when i started seeing all the pics from my friends post race.  

i'd like to say that once i committed to running the half marathon that some hard training occurred, but... that didn't happen.  things happen. it was summer, it was hot, we were traveling, i was sick, or better yet,  i was just plain lazy.  i ran a few times a week, averaging 3-6 miles each, but never made any progress building my long run base.  oops.  two weeks before the race i bailed on my 8 miler (while at hls), so a week and a half before i squeezed in a 10 miler, and then figured we would have to see how good my running base really was.  that was the extent of my training.  

so needless to say, i am happy with my results.
i set out with a plan to see how i felt sticking to 10 min/miles.  i ended up falling into a fairly comfortable pace and looking down at my garmin to see 9:04.  i knew i couldn't hold that pace for the whole 13 miles, so i pulled back to an average of 9:30-9:45.  this was still comfortable to me, and allowed me to have a little reserve for the hill i knew was coming at mile 9.5
so i did it.  i stuck with my sub 10 min per mile pace, and came in right under my 2:10 goal. 
feels pretty good, ya know?!
after the race, i hung around the finishers area, had some snacks, spilled my beer :( and met up with friends dawn & ronny.  after the obligatory cow photo opportunity, we headed out for lunch.
i am really happy that i was able to push myself a little bit during this race.  it was a nice middle ground between the other two years i participated in this run.  now, for the next few weeks i am going to focus on stretching and yoga.  it is time to get these IT bands and hip flexors under control!

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  1. woo hoo!! I am glad that you ran it and finished so strong. :)

  2. Way to go! I'm glad it went well for you!