October 1, 2013

{move it monday} uh, i mean tuesday.

i started putting this post together, only to remember it was tuesday.  
so, here's a move it tuesday post instead. 
this photo found here, is a great representation of my relationship with running.  
i have been doing a lot of soul searching trying to divulge what the cause of this running funk has been... however, the more i think about it, i realize that maybe i wasn't in such of a rut after all.
i think it is possible, that my love for running is changing.
i have been running now for 10 years{woah}, after being introduced to running by a great friend of mine.  back then, after running my first 5k, i swore i would never run that far again.  ha. you would have never convinced me that i would have three marathons and countless half marathons under my belt, 10 years later.
now, after having b... my life is different, as are my goals.  running marathons (and half marathons) presents a much bigger challenge for me as a mom.  don't get me wrong, it can be done.  but it isn't the best choice for my family and our lives right now.  i think this is where my rut has come from.  trying to fit in everything that i am doing, is a recipe for finding myself in over my head.  i talked about this some in my consistency post earlier this week.  this by no means is me saying i am finished distance running. this is me saying that i am finding a healthier balance between running, working out and life.  
right now, i am enjoying a different take on running than i have in the past.  shorter, more frequent runs without a specific time goal in mind.  i am running on the treadmill.  spending some time on the elliptical.  going on walks in my neighborhood.  i'm loving taking b out in the jog stroller at the park.  i am loving not feeling guilty for walking while pushing that ridiculously heavy stroller up the huge hills at our park.   i love answering b's millions of questions while we are out on a run.  
but also, i am loving body pump. 
i started attending body pump about a year ago, inconsistently at first, but now more regularly, twice a week..  i have done little to no strength training in the past, and this class was very easy for a beginner to pick up.  by gradually increasing my weights, i am really beginning to see changes in my body.  
plus, you guys... its a really fun workout.  
and it has helped me learn there is more to working out than running.  
so, there is what i have made out of my little running funk.  it really cleared some things up for me.
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